A strong temptation will come upon Lucia’s life

Lucía will continue to have great surprises after her sudden divorce from Sebastián, because she will find the man who will meet her expectations in love, for this reason and after a passionate kiss, Lucía will feel the tension between her new feeling for this man, and her memory of her love for Sebastian.

In addition, Paula, the Vallejo’s sister, will be in charge of informing Lucía about Sebastián’s sudden visit to the Hacienda, as this fact will keep her informed as her goal will be to follow in her ex’s footsteps.

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Also, the truth between the companies will come out as Gaviota and Sebastián will realize the dirty step Iván Vallejo took in exporting coffee.

How will Ivan react after being spotted?

Bad news is coming for Iván as his lie will be exposed and this will cause several serious inconveniences in the coffee business.

Because of this and desperate, Iván will make some urgent calls and try to continue to cover for this scam, which in itself will be very obvious. But will he be able to continue covering up his crimes?

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Also, Lucía will not remain calm knowing that Vallejo is very close to her again and she will try to find a way to break Sebastián’s strong love for Gaviota.

It should be recognized that Lucía was very upset after her breakup with Sebastián, especially knowing that her husband was madly in love with another woman.

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