A Valencian entrepreneur wins the prize for technology in talent management in

Winners from left to right: Miguel A. Miguélez, Julio Palacios, Verónica Aldazosa, Blanca Boncompte Padrell, Nicolás Méndez, Jorge Romero Odorisio, Renato del Bino. And among them Sergio Gómez and Daniel Fernández Navarro, Daniel González representing Pablo Sicilia Mateo and Daniel García representing Benjamín Sanchis./EPDA

TalenTeal is the name of the only platform focused on retaining technical talent and preventing attrition through professional development. Its founder, Verónica Aldazosa from Valencia, has just received the Technological Innovation in Talent Management award in the IV edition of the Tech & Programmatic Skills Awards in Madrid.

In addition to the Valencian entrepreneur, other talents were recognized such as Jorge Romero from Dentsu, Blanca Bonbompte from Tappx, Diego Carrión from Fisherman, Marta Herrero from Oracle, Miguel Angela Miguélez from Group M or the Mobility Committee of the Spanish Marketing Association.

TalenTeal was born in 2021 after Verónica Aldazosa’s more than 20 years of experience in the world of technology and realizing that if talent loyalty is essential in any company, in technology it is much more complicated when it fits. For more than 10 years, Aldazosa has validated a system that, applied to a Spanish technology company, achieves a turnover rate of 5% in the company, while the sector is close to 35%.

The co-founding of Sarah Soler, an expert in educational consulting and experience in the world of entrepreneurship, has taken place this year and after these months, both guarantee that companies using their platform can reduce sales by 45%. , increase your productivity by up to 21% and achieve a direct positive impact on sales of up to 20%.

“Receiving recognition at the national level is a great boost to continue working towards our purpose of helping organizations in this difficult task of increasing the engagement of technology professionals. Providing a tool that drives transparency, collaboration and agility are ushering in new people management models,” said TalenTeal CEO Verónica Aldazosa.

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