Advantages of starting a business with consolidated companies

According to the government, 30,307 workers left their jobs in the first half of the year, the highest number ever recorded in Spain, and this is provoking the “great resignation” of Spaniards. Spanish workers are demanding work-life balance, a good work environment and increasingly self-employment (28,000 new businesses registered in the first quarter, up almost 3%). For this reason, in his commitment to breaking down the barriers to entrepreneurship, Jeff proposes a number of benefits and tips for entrepreneurship in the hands of an experienced company.

The loss of jobs as a result of the pandemic, the conditions shaping the current job market, job terminations, the trend of “great resignation” (massive and voluntary abandonment of jobs without precedent; term coined in US in 2021, mid in a health crisis) and the dream of becoming your own boss without depending on third parties are some of the motivations that have led more and more people to start a business in recent years. In fact, in the first half of 2022, 30,307 workers left their jobs, the highest number ever recorded in Spain.

On the contrary, the creation of companies continues to increase. According to the trade statistics of the College of Registrars, it grew by 2.6% in the first quarter of 2022 with more than 28,000 start-ups. Despite this, lack of financial resources makes many think twice before starting a business, as in Spain personal savings (64.5%) are the most important cushion for starting a business, followed by financial institutions (18%), family and friends ( 10%) and finally from public programs (5%), according to GEM data from 2020.

Companies with consolidated franchises

Starting a new business hand in hand with a franchise model of consolidated chains and extensive experience is a good option. In fact, in Spain there are about 8,000 franchises that have developed successful business models, including Jeff, who offers some advantages of working with a consolidated company:

  1. They offer solutions to break down the main barriers to entrepreneurship, such as innovative and direct funding proposals or online and offline training proposals to acquire business skills.
  2. Not only do they help entrepreneurs to set up a business under a recognized brand, they accompany them throughout the process.
  3. Companies like Jeff operate under their own “Business in a Box” system with comprehensive solutions and unique technology to help entrepreneurs build their own businesses, backed by the brand’s expertise.
  4. They have AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications to analyze user behavior and propose solutions to improve operations or sales.
  5. They have big data to find the sites most likely to be successful or their own software to manage the entire business including online training.

“We are at a crucial labor law moment in Spain, with more layoffs than ever before. Hence, Our goal is to democratize entrepreneurship so that anyone can start their own business, regardless of their knowledge or capital.” says Eloi Gomez, CEO of Jeff. “At Jeff we take care of finding the most suitable premises, equipment and even help to find financing.”

about Jeff

Founded in 2015 under the name Mr Jeff, Jeff is a Valencian technology company with an international presence that has managed to become the first omnichannel ecosystem for everyday services. Jeff provides entrepreneurs with his own “Business in a Box” system with comprehensive solutions and unique technology to help them establish their businesses under the brand’s expertise.

All this at the same time that end users can contract through a single application, Jeff App, laundry and cleaning services, beauty, relaxation, coffee, fitness and coworking spaces thanks to its “The Good Good Life” philosophy, at your convenience and needs.

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Access the Mr Jeff franchise file here

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