Among the twelve winners of the launch path Empodera | are two Ecuadorians with a shop for women and a shop for shopping | news

Nathaly Vinueza, an Ecuadorian entrepreneur, is currently visiting Las Vegas, USA, with her Warmi startup. It is a virtual platform and the first fintech Network that offers women tools through artificial intelligence. The first is a virtual assistant that assists the woman in self-diagnosing her life while helping her to keep a virtual diary that allows her to identify instances of harassment or abuse in her daily life. The second is the ability to access insurance for financial and life protection, among others.

Nathaly is spreading her Warmi initiative (which means women and equality in ancient languages) internationally, having just been featured in the fourth edition of the Launch Path Empodera, the USAID and Mastercard accelerator is aimed at high-impact ventures led by women. She assures that it was a pleasant surprise to receive the recognition, which consists of advice and also financial resources to help her deepen her entrepreneurship, which will be officially launched in October.

In the meantimeMaría Eugenia Garrido was also the winner with her project called Virtune Mall. It is a digital platform where the entire value chain: from consumers, referrals and entrepreneurs generates revenue. This project aims to be a digital solution that promotes e-commerce, promotes financial inclusion for thousands of women in South America and enables them to earn an equal opportunity income. Each partner receives a margin of the product or service sold under its reference, from among others: food, clothing, payment of water, electricity, education, and on the other hand each business of entrepreneurs and companies has thousands of distributors of their products or Services. . In this way, the revenues from the commercialization of the thousands of products available on the platform are distributed more equitably. “Our goal is to be the digital solution that empowers e-commerce, promotes financial inclusion for thousands of women in South America, and enables them to earn an equal opportunity income,” says Garrido. The platform was launched in March 2021 and generated 8,000 users in eight months.

Another winning company is that of María Eugenia Garrido, a platform that generates revenue from consumption and recommendations. Politeness: virtue
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That 12 winners from Ecuador, Colombia and Peru will receive personalized mentoring and up to $35,000 in non-refundable resources to invest in growing their business. You will also have access to a four-month Business Acceleration Program specifically designed for visionary and innovative women leading promising young companies in high-tech sectors. fintechfinancial inclusion and technology to expand trade.

Launch path Empodera launched in Colombia; in its third version it extended its borders to Peru and in its fourth version it also reached Ecuador. The purpose of the program is to strengthen a network of women entrepreneurs focused on creating new businesses that use technology to solve problems of inclusion, access and trade facilitation to improve the lives of more people.

The entrepreneurs who participated in the first three versions of the program, after being accelerated by Start Path Empodera, have achieved concrete results in their companies: they have introduced new products and services, They closed investment rounds, doubled their sales and gained 77,000 new customers. In terms of employment, full-time jobs created by companies increased by 79.6%. 54% of these new positions were filled by women.

The other winning projects in this fourth edition of Colombia was:

qubit is a digital asset solution for managing access data for events. through the BlockchainQubit solves fraud problems with technology.

load, a complete solution for domiciles, couriers and drivers of last mile intermediation platforms, manages a digital wallet available 24 hours a day in an agile and secure way.

AgrodataAi is a comprehensive digital platform for agriculture that offers trading and information services.

dnubo is a platform that integrates related applications Ecommerce is aimed at SMEs with the aim of supporting them in their digital transformation process.

AI applied Increase sales through app and bots that streamline field service processes and communications.

Affiliated Businesses It develops a digital infrastructure for the delivery of social services with transparency and impact on the local economy. Benefits, subsidies can be provided more efficiently.

bee Company dedicated to improving productivity in business decision-making through the integration of information sources and data analysis.

bitu It’s a solution for businesses to bring their employees closer to the benefits they really need. Through a flexible platform, companies offer microinsurance, financial wellbeing or incentives and rewards.

I am is a new business developer that, based on new technological solutions, seeks to fill the existing market gaps between informal and formal job search in the micro-enterprise and SME sectors.

The Peruvian company also recognized was Loop, which connects migrant women who spend hours cleaning houses and offices in Lima with decent employment opportunities.

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