Ancap Union Led by Woman – Business – 9/3/2022

The Ancap Federation (fan cap) elected his new authorities and is the new president of the union Natalia Bellowho previously served as Secretary General.

The elections were held on August 18th and 19th and, as with the previous ones, four national lists were presented: List 1, which returned to participate after a 30-year absence; list 11; List 20, led by Belo; and the 2016 list, headed by Gerardo Rodriguezwho had previously served as union chairman.

After the elections, List 20 received three national positions, List 2016 and 1 received two positions, and List 11 received one. In addition, the 17 industry representatives who will form the Federal Council of Fancap were elected.

The position of President is held by Belo, who is Vice President Rodrigo Arada and is the new General Secretary of Fancap Manuel Huegel.

The new authorities took over the first Federal Council this Wednesday, in which the resolution of the new responsibilities was unanimously decided.

As the new president indicated in the dialogue with El País, the fact that the resolution of the new responsibilities was accepted unanimously “is a source of pride because it shows the great unity and greatness of our union”.

When asked about the guidelines the union would follow, Belo indicated that a new strategy and operating rules had already been proposed, although she stated that “the same line of defense” was being followed as before.

“The defense of the state and public ancap is the same, we will continue to uphold the programmatic basis of our union. Maybe the strategy could vary a bit, but the points that we will continue to defend as a fancap will be the same as before,” Belo affirmed.

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