Bloomberg Line presents the second edition of The 500 of Latin America

PRESS RELEASE – Bloomberg linethe most relevant multi-platform for digital financial and business news in Latin America, celebrates its one year anniversary and presents the second edition of The 500 of Latin Americawhich highlights businesspeople, executives, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and public officials who are making the greatest impact in the region.

The list, available in Spanish, BloombergLinea.comPortuguese, English, Bloomberg line, recognizes the actions and initiatives carried out throughout the year by the 500 personalities to promote Latin America’s economic recovery in the midst of a difficult year due to global phenomena and regional and local problems.

Among the most prominent characters in the 2022 edition of The 500 of Latin AmericaAfter rigorously screening thousands of candidates, the Bloomberg Line editorial team selected individuals with decades in the business, as well as CEOs, executives, founders, artists and athletes who have excelled over the past year.

In this edition, some personalities who continued to play a leadership role in the region, such as Carlos Slim, Daniel Servitje, Stanley Motta, Luis Carlos Sarmiento, Isabel Noboa, Eduardo Logemann or Carlos Alberto Sicupira, repeated their place. Other names are among those who have less time but have already established themselves as some of the most visible faces in their respective ecosystems, such as Marcelo Claure or Jaime Zunzunegui, founders of tech giants such as Marcos Galperín, Martín Migoya or Sergio Fogel, and people like Isela Constantini or Xiomara Castro, the first woman to attain the presidency of Honduras.

This is how the list of the 500 Latin Americans 2022 was born

According to the editors of Bloomberg LineThe 2022 selection includes about 200 new characters, confirming the intention of the first list The 500 of Latin America being a creature that changes over time.

The 500 of Latin America 2022 selection qualified and Published by the Bloomberg Line Editorial Committee based on the suggestions of more than 70 of our journalists on the continent. The 500 operate and hail from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela. This edition featured characters from Cuba, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico, as well as a selection of Hispanic executives and businesspeople in the United States.

The Editorial Committee emphasizes that the list of the 500 in Latin America is not a ranking and the selection was not made on the basis of the fate of the nominees, but in recognition of their recent actions, particularly in areas such as job creation and growth momentum measures and global outreach his achievements.

Likewise, the Editorial Committee notes that Bloomberg Line recognizes the diversity of Latin America at a time when creative and efficient action is needed to overcome the various crises affecting the region.

A first year with noticeable growth

Listed as The 500 of Latin America, as well as the 100 Innovators of 2021 Y 50 women with impact they are part of the Bloomberg Line’s editorial offering, which is complemented by a growing array of cross-platform content.

According to Kaio Philipe, Bloomberg Línea will be consumed by at least 3 million unique users per month in its first year of operation, making it the number one destination for business and financial news in Latin America.

“This is how we celebrate our first anniversary and we couldn’t be more excited,” said Philipe.

Bloomberg Line’s achievements since its launch in 2021 include

  • Rapid user growth: monthly reach that grew from zero to 23 million people across all channels;
  • More of 3 million unique users who visit the website monthly;
  • 11 newsletters with more than 150,000 subscribers;
  • thousands of paying subscribers that they enjoy the content indefinitely;
  • More than 150 stories every day, produced by a team of more than 70 professionals across the region who also leverage the global resources of Bloomberg’s 2,700 journalists and analysts with localized content;
  • 4 podcasts, 1 videocast and 2 web series (“Casa de Negócio$” in Brazil and “Que Pasa en Venezuela?”) with exclusive content;
  • “The Strategy of the Day” is the #1 news podcast. According to Spotify, Apple, and Amazon, it’s the most listened to in Mexico and a dozen other countries in the region;
  • A active community in social networks from more than half a million followers;
  • The International News Media Association has recognized Bloomberg Línea as the best digital media product launched in 2021; Y
  • More than 50 advertisers and partners.

Launched in 2021 through an agreement between Bloomberg Media and Falic Media, Bloomberg Line has gone fast in the leading news platform in Latin America, serving more than 16 countries in the region.

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