Bolillos, the great savior of the Mexicans in earthquakes. And science supports it

Roll in Mexico. (Getty Images)

The 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck Mexico continues to be the talk of the town. Confusion reigns in a country that has seen September 19 become a black date. But, as always, there is no lack of signs of creativity and generosity typical of difficult times.

And nothing is more characteristic of an earthquake than eating a bolillo “pa’l susto”, as it is colloquially called. A very short video on Twitter shows a worker at a famous wing restaurant offering small slices of bolillo to a group of people recovering after dealing with the earthquake.

According to statements on social networks, the event took place in the Narvarte neighborhood and was the initiative of the restaurant itself. knowing that the bolillo is the most important resource when it comes to reducing a scare. And they do well because their use is supported at a scientific level, although they don’t have a monopoly as post-earthquake beneficiaries.

According to scientific studies, when you are anxious, adrenaline and cortisol are released and the level of glucose in your blood changes. In this sense, “Eating a bolillo can help stabilize blood sugar and counteract the feeling of fullness in the stomach after a shock, as carbohydrates and fats inhibit the production of stomach acid.”, according to UNAM. But in reality, any food can serve this function as long as it’s not irritating, because the point is that it covers the vacuum created in the stomach.

After all, it is known that customs in Mexico is very deeply rooted and nothing is going to change that. Maybe the day will come when everyone will carry around their own bobbin case assembly kit just so that an earthquake doesn’t throw them off and the shock will pass quickly, because it’s also true that dizziness is extremely uncomfortable for everyone.

And at this point everything is traumatic when you talk about earthquakes in Mexico. If even the sound of the seismic alarm is shocking and disturbing, then what can we say when the quake actually hits and surprises us all? There is no practice or previous experience to prepare for this moment. Everything becomes instant and it’s time to appeal to the most primitive survival instinct.

But even in these moments it is clear that the hearts of Mexicans have space to think of others. It is often said that it is almost impossible to cut a flower from the companies’ garden, but here they were the ones who raised their hands. Let’s see, it’s not like it implies a millionaire’s expense, but the gesture and its nobility is what stands out above all else.

It is already a presumed fact that we will never get used to tremors. It doesn’t matter how much experience we have in them, because at the end of the day, all previous experiences serve only as “reflections” that remind us of the worst of other similar days. Obviously, that feeling is amplified when the date coincides three times, something that was planned as a hoax and ultimately materialized. If that’s going to be the dynamic forever, it’s better to be prepared for fear, which is actually a defense mechanism, every time there’s an earthquake.

There is no one who can be sure to feel it. The history is already numerous: No Mexican with at least four generations can come up with stories. From elementary school children to seniors, teenagers and adults, everyone has experienced an earthquake. An experience that, although similar to the previous ones, always has its own nuances. The coils will of course still be there.


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