Businesswomen from Entre Ríos will take part in a trade mission to Italy – News

The purpose of the trip, attended by companies from across the country, is to establish trade relationships and create business opportunities for the province’s products.

As part of the mission, business meetings will be held between businessmen from both countries to identify commercial opportunities for Argentine products and services.

They were organized in conjunction with the Sub-Secretariat for Trade and Investment Promotion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, along with the Argentine Embassy in Rome, the Consulate General and Promotion Center in Milan and the Women Economic Forum (WEF-Argentina). ).

Entre Ríos Deputy Governor Laura Stratta will accompany the delegation’s activities from Monday and hold meetings with Italian authorities to strengthen existing trade ties and explore new export opportunities.

Part of the delegation are the Entre Ríos companies Doninas SAS, Cabaña Apícola Reina Madre, Amandoté, CaySI SA and Bio Nogoyá SA Accompanied by Deputy Governor Laura Stratta, the women entrepreneurs will take part in two business rounds in which 15 meetings have already taken place initially planned . You will also be able to meet with those in charge of the Women Economic Forum and visit the SANA fair in Bologna, which is one of the most important fairs in the region for organic and healthy products.

“The Commercial Mission intends to enhance Entre Ríos Province’s exportable offering. We go out with a lot of food, which we think is very important and which shows a bit of the physiognomy of Entre Ríos”, explained the Deputy Governor, specifying that “in this case the mission takes place within the framework of the Women’s Economic Forum, which is worldwide and women entrepreneurs, so there are five women from Entre Ríos from different parts of the province”.

She added: “What we aspire to, both in Rome and in Milan where these missions are being carried out, is that they can open markets and also connect with other women running businesses, creating jobs and in some who are Way to share a common line and agenda that has to do with the global gender agenda that empowers women to participate and make decisions and be in the places we are.”

Women’s Business Forum Argentina

The Women Economic Forum is a forum focused on women’s economics.

It is held annually in New Delhi, India, with the participation of 150 allied countries and a global chamber (All Ladies League) with 50,000 members, with the aim of advancing women’s economic empowerment initiatives. The WEF has held a total of 63 global editions as of March 2022 since the first was held in India in 2015.

On August 16, Lieutenant Governor Stratta met with Cecilia Todesca, Secretary for International Economic Relations at the Department of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship; and with the Director of Export Promotion of the Secretary of State for Trade and Investment Promotion, Fernando López. There they discussed the proposal to create a public-private agency to promote exports and Entre Ríos’ participation in the trade mission to Italy.

She later met with the chief of staff of this organization, Luciana Tito, with whom she raised issues related to the Women Economic Forum Argentina 2022, which will be held in October and will be attended by businesswomen from Entre Ríos. And then with the general director of this forum, Lina Anllo.

(Press Deputy Government)

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