Chorrillos: Mototaxista was attacked with five bullets for not paying extortionists S/5 a day

Motorbike taxi driver attacked by blackmailers in Chorrillos. (American News)

in the district Chorrillosa mototaxi driver was attacked with five bullets in the early hours of the morning. This is because the victim didn’t want to pay a quota of S/5 per day blackmailer so that, according to the first police information, they can carry out the transport service in the said district.

A) Yes, News from America states that the foreign national identified as Luis Alexander Galindo Carranza, 32, was intercepted by one after exiting a passenger at Block 1 of Los Titanes jirón Perpetrator who was aboard a linear motorcycle

The victim was immediately attacked by gunfire and suffered chest injuries. Upon reaching its destination, the subject fled in an unknown direction.

Witnesses and local residents in turn approached the attacked mototaxi to help the wounded and take him to the nearest hospital. In addition, Galindo Carranza’s state of health is critical, it was detailed in the morning.

It should be noted that the young motorcycle taxi driver had received threats from a group of people demanding that he be paid S/5 a day to let him work independently Chorrillos. This was stated by a relative of the victim who preferred anonymity.

Forensic experts arrived at the scene and found five bullet casings. The Chorrillos Depincri are tasked with investigating the case.

For now, blackmailer They point to new victims alongside business owners: now those affected are people dedicated to renting apartments or rooms in the capital. In this way, they demand sums of money from the victims threats with videos showing guns, grenades and the provocation of a fire.

National Police agents arrested a couple of criminals who were demanding payment of S/500 a month to a woman who rents rooms in the Los Olivos neighborhood

“Pay me 500 soles and they pay us by quota. We tagged you and provided everything. So, talk to me, what do you want: silver or ‘bleach’?” reads one of the first messages from the blackmailers, who posed as members of the criminal organization “El Tren de Aragua”.

In a second audio, the foreigner expresses his uneasiness upon learning that his victim will not continue quota payment: “There is no more time. The time has expired. You told me you had two hundred soles and now you say no. I will kill you and your whole family,” expresses the theme.

In San Martín de Porres (SMP) two criminal Aboard a linear motorcycle, they attacked the facade of a multi-service store with bullets after the owner of that store refused to pay quotas.

The business owner states that she is being blackmailed and that criminals have been firing bullets at her premises by refusing to pay the quota. (American News)

A security camera was able to record the exact moment of the two-shot attack on the bazaar in Block 2 of Jirón Pocitos. Also the news News from America reports that the owners of the premises said they had been threatened for a week.

“We were victims of blackmail and they sent a message saying ‘I’ll send you a small gift,'” said María Hilario, the shop’s owner, with tears in her eyes.


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