“Citizen Science and the Value of Small Things”, Encouraging Participation in Scientific Cafés

This Thursday, in the Municipality’s multipurpose room, they presented the “Posadas Scientific Coffee – Butterfly Effect”, which will take place this Friday, September 23 from 9:30 p.m. in the Eva Perón Room of the Convention Center.

Under the motto “Citizen Science and the value of small things” comes the initiative to create a space where there is a need to develop new strategies of dissemination between two worlds that often seem very distant but have an intimate relationship. Society interacts daily, directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously, with scientific activity and its consequences.

The difficulty in accessing knowledge arises on the one hand from the fact that experts cannot always express their knowledge in simple language and on the other hand from society as distanced and only accessible in the academic field. Therefore, one of the main challenges for scientific dissemination is to bring science to the public in an attractive and accessible way.

“Through these activities, we seek the synergy that exists in the generation of knowledge and promote dialogue with the actors involved in this field. We will strive to create an informal environment for scholarly outreach and dissemination that is collaborative and friendly to both the experts speaking and the public attending the sessions,” said Karla Alculumbre, Director of Educational Projects at the University Agency .

The implementation of these meetings in the city was based on the successful experience of several cafes that have been developing around the world for several years, which in this case has its own elements that make it special. Although there is a wide variety of formats, with this proposal we want to create an informal and relaxed atmosphere that allows direct dialogue between all participants.

In this sense, the Conicet researcher and professor at the Unam, Julián Ferreras, clarified: “The scientific coffee was born not only with the aim of making known the work of professionals, but also the community in discussions and decisions on the proposed ones Decisions to include axes. Science must be part of everyday life, there is knowledge and tools that could easily be applied in everyone’s daily life.”

In 2013 the Posadas Scientific Café took place for the first time at the Mandové Pedrozo Artistic Center, then at the Vicente Cidade Cultural Center and since September 2018 in the Eva Perón Room of the Convention Center. They take place on one Friday of the month from 9:30 p.m., where they last up to and including the middle of the day. Through the topics that are posed together, she tries to include all areas of knowledge. So far, the lectures have ranged from biology, genetics and ecology to educational science, anthropology, semiotics and the dilemma of energy production in our region.

The community demands participation in these spaces, an ideal environment for sharing knowledge and dispelling doubts on specific issues of different interests. The presentation was accompanied by Invg. by Conicet and teachers by Unam, Dr. Marcos Miretti and Dr. Pablo Martina; and the CPA Conicet, Lic Sergio Litwiniuk.

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