Costa Rica will set up 5G labs as part of the telecoms plan

Costa Rica’s telecoms development plan will include the creation of 5G labs, Assistant Secretary of Telecoms Orlando Vega Quesada confirmed to BNamericas.

“In the public policy that will come out in the coming weeks, there is a target linked to the 5G test labs,” he said.

A second public consultation on the telecoms plan was recently completed. That plan emphasizes a 5G testbed by 2023. It also envisages having “multiple service offerings available to the public on 5G ecosystem networks by 2024 at the latest.”

The plan also envisages “having multiple service offerings available to the public on 5G ecosystem networks by 2024 at the latest.”

“We create the conditions to develop them [los laboratorios 5G]. I would like to tell you that we have the resources, but the fiscal situation prevents us from taking on the total cost, hence the importance of the association between the private actors,” explained Vega.

Universities, operators and other private companies have expressed their interest. Operators are particularly interested in accessing the frequencies and experimenting with the technology.

Speaking earlier to BNamericas, Infocom Sector Chamber President Mario Montero said that while the 5G auction process is awaited, the time could be used to experiment with the technology.

The Department of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (Micitt) has just announced the restoration of 3.5GHz frequency bands, which will be tendered to the private sector so they can deploy 5G networks. The ministry will direct regulator Sutel to proceed with the bidding process once the tapes have been released.

In parallel, Micitt is working on restoring new frequency ranges for 5G services.

According to estimates, the auction of the 5G frequencies could take around a year and a half.

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