Digital training is the key to accessing new positions

We live in a world that many already describe as not only dizzying, but also volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. It is what has been coined the acronym VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) and into which digitization has put its grain of sand.

Proof of this is that by 2025, according to the World Economic Forum, 75 million jobs will be destroyed by automation; however, 133 million new jobs will be created.

Fernando Rodríguez Alemany, Professional Expert Leader of ESIC Corporate Education’s Senior Management Program Tech & Digital Business, analyzes digital training as a key to accessing new positions click to tweet

In this future framework we must look at the digital talent map, which in Spain represents 4.8% of all professionals and only 17% of companies have digital talent compared to 19% in Europe. Five times lower percentage among female professionals.

Fernando Rodríguez AlemanyExpert Professional Leader of the Senior Management Program Tech & Digital Business by ESIC Corporate Education

And it is that we live in a world awash with technology, the level of which does not stop growing, to the point where not all of them have someone to control them. In fact, in our country we have 21 million job vacancies and according to the previous data, only 1 million are digital professionals, of which women make up a fifth, which shows two worrying realities, and of which there is an underlying The most exciting challenge for those of us who make up the ESIC community for education and knowledge transfer.

On the one hand, we see technology developing at breakneck speed, to the point where there are not enough professionals to use it, and in a way that deviates from the growth of digital culture among business people in Europe. This fact, combined with the destruction of these millions of jobs and the creation of many others above these 58 million new jobs, is the best proof that we are facing the need to create digital training programs and technologies for middle executives and managers , who are called to rise to the challenge of building the new company and for leaders who want to seize the opportunity that digitization offers us, not only to improve knowledge and performance, but to revolutionize their lives and create a “Job Moonshot” to achieve (the theory of shooting at the moon) access to these new positions that will be the new reality in less than two and a half years.

And within this exciting framework, ESIC creates the Senior Management Program Tech & Digital Business with the vocation of training professionals in comprehensive knowledge of digitalization and its drivers, of latest generation technologies and their effective use in innovation and transformation projects, in order to reach leaders able to face the immediate future that we face , respectively.

Over the 16 sessions, managers will delve into the impact of digitization on businesses and customers, both today and in the window that is beginning to open for the next three years.

You will learn and learn to apply the agile methodologies required to innovate, execute, in-house and launch the transformational projects so necessary to drive business change.

You analyze digital business models and how they can be leveraged to get the best out of them to maximize the value of our businesses while improving user experience.

You will have exciting encounters with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, linguistic computing, blockchain, IoT, biometrics, augmented and virtual reality and their application in immersive environments and the exponential point that comes with the Metaverse and its social and business applications, Data Driven and how to transform a business whose decisions are informed, marketing technologies for hyper personalization and marketing automation, cybersecurity or automation of tasks and processes, among other technologies that are increasingly used for success stories of companies that have managed to transform critical sectors of society to change, and which have been referred to as “knowledge economy companies” since Silicon Valley.

And all this without neglecting its application to the framework of finance, operations, logistics, marketing, sales, legal and human resources, among others, so that once the SMP Tech & Digital deal is completed, the professionals are prepared to act as leaders in them are able to understand your industry stakeholders and where the trends and advances in digital technologies are going, how they are used and adopted, and be able to lead your organization there.

In conclusion, we can say that the volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity with which we begin this short text are a reality that must be understood, managed and managed in order to ensure the sustainability of our companies thanks to the continuous learning that programs like The offer Senior Management Program Tech & Digital Business and other programs ESIC Corporate Education.

Through Fernando Rodríguez AlemanyExpert Professional Leader of the Senior Management Program Tech & Digital Business by ESIC Corporate Education

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