Dispute in the networks: Luis Enrique’s surprising technique in the selection of Spain

Technological advances in football are increasing. Both to detect if the ball went in or not and to check an offside or a possible penalty with the VAR, the game has changed and incorporates more and more data and information from technological innovations. And in this case the Spain national team was not left behind: hand in hand with Luis Enrique, his trainer, La Roja has introduced a new method in his training. And, of course, there was also controversy on social media.

What happened? The coach arranged for players to have a speaker on their backs in practice so they could receive their instructions remotely via a walkie-talkie without having to yell to avoid misunderstandings and instant distractions.

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In a video posted by Spanish selectioncommented: “The latest technology at the service of our employees!! Luis Enrique gives instructions via a walkie and the players of the Spanish selection They receive them in a small loudspeaker that they have put in their training clothes.

“You will hear the coach’s voice here, I hope I’m not shouting too much, I’m not used to seeing people from afar and speaking softly. But giving orders and instructions on possible variations,” explained the coach to his players.

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You can see it in the video Luis Enrique to give his players some tactical instructions during training. The biggest advantage is that the coach can immediately analyze and present his point of view to correct the players both positionally and tactically.

“Koke, you only have to go down in support when the centre-back needs it, if you don’t stay there,” was one of the DT’s instructions Spain national team. Both he and his coaching staff were able to follow the practice remotely with a better panoramic view of the field and give instructions.

Some Spaniards did not like this experiment on social networks, although many others supported the measure and found it beneficial for the work of the campus. That Spain national team will play Switzerland this Saturday and Portugal next Tuesday in the games concluding the group stage of the UEFA Nations League, the team’s final official commitments for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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