Downtown Lima: Businesses affected by slow progress of pedestrian rehabilitation works

Neighbors and merchants of Lima’s historic center expressed their unease at the slow progress of works on the final phase of the pedestrianization project in some scraps of the Damero de Pizarro this Wednesday.

They point out that the Lima Municipality’s intervention is not progressing at the same pace as other roads in the region.

A team of RPP news He reached Block 2 of Jirón Caylloma and observed a large clearing mound that neighbors said had been there for two days.

Testimonials from those affected

“They don’t make progress, we’re tired, it hurts our business, sometimes there are no sales, we don’t sell anything. You know the rent doesn’t wait. Now they have not worked more than two days. You can’t even walk, the other day a man fell and tourists are walking by and it’s embarrassing,” said an optician’s manager.

“They left all the work here and just started working in Camaná and all the workers went there to work when they should have finished all this here to go. They’re finishing Camaná like crazy, I don’t know why,” said another trader. She assured that she had to auction the glasses she sold because they were affected by the dust.

Other furniture and food retailers reported that Lima Municipality staff barred vehicles from entering the goods unloading area. Therefore, they admonished the understanding of the church and made it clear that they understand the purpose of the work.

third section

The intervention, carried out by the Municipality of Lima via Emape, aims to pave 41 blocks with stone, the renovation of street furniture, sanitary blocks and public lighting of the Lima’s center.

The three stages of the pedestrian zone cover a few blocks from the neighborhoods of Lampa, Amazonas, Junín, Áncash, Azángaro, Huallaga and Conde de Superunda.

Likewise Rufino Torrico, Caylloma, Camaná, Rinconada de Santo Domingo, Callao and Carabaya.


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