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Weeks before he emerged with a coup de grace in the head, stuffed in a black bag in the trunk of an armored Toyota abandoned on Bogotá’s northern highway, Leidy Alejandra Betancourt It was 13,000 kilometers from the city.

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Although authorities are certain that the gunmen who she and two bodyguards escorted on March 18 They approached the former policeman Juan Carlos Useche (the other dead man), the migratory movements of women are being tracked.

The bodies were found in that truck.

Alejandra Betancourt, Julio Lozano Pirateque and Sebastian Meneses

Alejandra Betancourt received a coup de grace.

Federal agents have noticed that the young, sentimental couple from Useche, owners of a butcher shop in Suba and studying at an aviation school, Days ago I would have made a trip to two continents.

Betancourt went on a safari in the same country where recent and frequent movements of the Colombian mafia have been noted. It’s about the United Arab Emirates, where, as revealed by EL TIEMPO, a powerful former capo and emerald has been staying for almost a year and from where less than 20 days ago a son of the founder of the “Golf Clan” arrived.

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In fact, EL TIEMPO exclusively stated that In the hands of federal authorities and Colombian intelligence officials are photos and videos of Betancourt walking around Dubai.

Useche’s “debts”?

Juan Carlos Useche

Juan Carlos Useche, the former police officer who turned up murdered in an armored Toyota in Bogotá.

Betancourt visited Spain from April 18 to May 29before jumping to the United Arab Emirates last June 5th.

Now, attempts are being made to determine if his trip was related to his ex-partnerwho had a history and would be in the service of mafia networks in Medellín, leaders jailed in La Picota and drug dealers.

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As a matter of fact, It is being investigated whether the Useche crime was revenge for the murder of ex-narco Germán Rivera, “Porreguala”.on April 9, 2021, on the outskirts of Villavicencio.

Likewise his alleged involvement in the attack on former mafia scrubber Claudio Javier Silva Otálora is under investigationon July 28, north of Bogotá.

Louis Caicedo

Luis Caicedo was assassinated in the Pablo VI neighborhood of Bogotá.


Photo: Santiago Buenaventura and archive

Julio Lozano Pirates

Silva Otálora appeared in DEA organizational charts within Luis Agustín Caicedo’s mafia organizationaka Don Lucho, was assassinated in June 2021 in the Pablo VI neighborhood.

For years, Caicedo was the head of the so-called “Bogota Cartel”a network of drug dealers in which his partner and friend also participated, Julio Lozano Pirates. For this they were extradited to the USA.

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the latter, pfor a number of years he was the shadow owner of a block of shares in the Santa Fe soccer team and also returned to the country after serving his sentence.

Alias ​​​​​​Otoniels Audio

Oroniel in the United States

This is the first known image of the pseudonym “Otoniel” arriving in the United States.

ZEIT revealed that Lozano traveled to Dubai after the Caicedo crime and after being linked to the drug lab network on the outskirts of Bogotá. In addition, there is a compromising audio in the hands of the Dijín.

The one who worked on the Caicedo thing was Julio, that man works out there, about 4 or 5 thousand things have fallen these days, that was from this old man. He is said to be helping the conflict,” one hears Dairo Úsuga, “Otoniel,” the extradited leader of the “Gulf Clan,” say.

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Judicial sources confirmed this to EL TIEMPO Lozano Pirateque was held in Dubai from May 11th to June 11th last year for immigration paperwork. Now you would look for a residency visa that you started a company for: Global Loz Eight Group.

“I assure you until a week ago Lozano was in Dubai doing paperwork‘ confirmed a source in Abu Dhabi.


Audio of ‘Otoniel’ mentioning Jullio Lozano Pirateque

This is the tone of ‘Otoniel’ that would embroil former capo Julio Lozano Pirateque.

The son of ‘Don Mario’

Sebastian Menes Toro.

Sebastián Meneses Toro, son of alias ​​Don Mario.

And added that Colombian and US authorities have inquired about the issue and Sebastián Meneses Toro, another regular visitor to Dubai. In this case, the tiles seem to fit together again. It is one of the sons of Daniel Rendón Herrera, former boss of “Otoniel”and founder of the ‘Gulf Clan’.

Meneses was captured for extradition purposeswhen he returned from Dubai on August 30 and was accused of drug trafficking.

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According to the prosecutor Meneses is associated with coca laboratories in Urabá Antioquia and the shipment of at least three tons of cocaine into the United States per year.

Daniel Rendon, aka Don Mario

Daniel Rendon, aka Don Mario.


Milton Díaz / EL TIEMPO Archive

Although his defense has filed a review motion to get him released, he is in jail in La Picota.

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In Dubai they are ruthless with drug dealers, but fortune is welcome without many questions. That’s what we’re tracking,” a federal source who investigates the movements of chips and allies of mafiosi in the UAE and neighboring countries told EL TIEMPO. In fact, he revealed that there will be a special device for the World Cup in Qatar this November.

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