Eight guys not to be missed at Zara

That trousers In their own right, they have a privileged place in women’s wardrobes every season. We rely on them, especially in autumn and winter, because they protect us from the cold in a comfortable and stylish way. Who can resist having a pair of jeans? And several black pants, the big joker?

Every season, the shape of the trousers that are worn the most changes. From the long ones that go down to the ankle cuts, straight, wide or narrow cuts and also bell cuts. This season we have a great variety that translates into better options to choose according to the shape that best suits our figure.

Now that we know what boots are being worn, let’s shop at Zara to find them at the most successful Spanish discount company pants trends more interesting to bet on in the coming months.

ankle clamps

The classic and essential wardrobe pant every woman needs. From the business woman to someone who has a special occasion and wants to wear trousers that are elegant and flattering. While the black pleated trousers have changed a bit, they are worn for this new season high waist, ankle length and not too big.

You can buy it at Zara for 29.95 euros.

parachute pants

A year ago we started seeing them among the looks of celebrities and influencers, they also took to the catwalks. How are the parachute pants? They are pants Wide, medium or low rise, with a sporty flair and generally with elasticated waists and hems. They are a real bestseller for their many possibilities in everyday life and for more informal looks.

You can buy these parachute pants at Zara for 35.95 euros.

cargo pants

cargo pants

Cargo pants with side pockets at mid-calf that remind us of those of explorers are also an absolute trend this season. Look for them in colors like beige, khaki green, black… They adapt to your everyday life with slim or roomy cuts You can wear them with boots, trainers and even sandals..

You can buy these cargo pants from Zara for 25.95 euros.

Cropped culotte pants

The culotte has been with us for many seasons and continues to claim its leading place in our dressing room. They are sophisticated, feel good and have many possibilities in events of all kinds. With sandals and a jeweled top to go out, with moccasins and a shirt to go to work. Don’t you have culottes yet?

You can buy these pants at Zara for 27.95 euros.

Straight pants with openings

That cut-out pants in the lowlands they arrived in the spring and will continue with us in the autumn/winter. It’s an elegant way to show off shoes and have more original pants. You will see slits in the bottoms of all types of pants, from jeans to flowy pants.

You can buy it at Zara for 39.95 euros.

Leather look pants

The 90’s and 2000’s are some of the trends creeping into the pants this fall. The 90’s translate into this kind of high-waisted, figure-hugging imitation leather pants with a lot of personality. You can wear it with black boots and there are many ways to combine it with shirts, tops, sweaters, etc.

You can buy these leather-look trousers from Zara for €29.95.

mom jeans

Mom jeans are the jeans we all want in our closet. High waist and the comfort of a straight cut. Those that came as a passing trend have remained the perfect background for the wardrobe. they celebrate to high platform sandals and to work with ballerinas, moccasins or flat mules.

You have these loose fitting mom jeans from Zara for 29.95 euros.


Yes, yes, yes, the bells are there. However, the most popular are very subtle bells, not like in the 70s, they are called mini flares and are worn on all kinds of trousers. Mini bells in jeans, but also in other types of fabric.

Find these high-waisted mini flare jeans at Zara for €25.95.

Main photo: Virginia Troconis.

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