Elon Musk will present his humanoid robot “Optimus” at the end of September: What is his goal? | technology

Also known as the Tesla Bot, Optimus is controlled by the same artificial intelligence system implemented in the company’s electric cars, and Elon Musk estimates it could start production for sale in 2023.

next 30.09 Tesla’s AI Day is taking place – Tesla’s Artificial Intelligence Day, in Spanish – where tycoon Elon Musk’s company will present news in robotics, AI and other technologies. There too the first prototype of “Optimus” is presented.

It’s a humanoid robot that was first announced in 2021 during Tesla’s first AI Day, which looks set to be held annually from now on. Although Musk had presented this project before, it was only preliminary information due to the lack of a real prototype.

At that time, the billionaire presented a video with the characteristics that this invention would have, for which he has been called ambitious on several occasions. But what is this object made of and what is it used for?

Optimus the Tesla Bot

When Elon Musk introduced the robot, it was just another project from the tycoon. Although over time it has revealed more details that eventually make up an idea of ​​what it will mean.

Although it has been reiterated that it will be a “still to be improved” model, it will clearly be much more than the person disguised as a robot who showed up at AI Day 2021 and stunned the public.

This prototype, according to the company, He will be 1.76 meters tall and weigh 56 kilos.. Likewise, They can lift up to 20 kilos and run at a speed of 8 kilometers per hourassure you.

Additionally, for now, the device will be destined to perform household chores, replacing humans on tasks that Musk says could be “boring” or repetitive and dangerous.

AI Day Tesla 2021 | Elon Musk

“The vision is that they will serve millions of households with tasks like cooking, mowing lawns and caring for the elderly,” the Tesla owner said in the 2021 presentation.

optimal, also called the Tesla Bot, is controlled by the same artificial intelligence system that has been implemented in the company’s electric cars and Elon Musk has estimated it could start production for sale in 2023.

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