Female-led entrepreneurship is gaining strength among companies in Colombia

As the economic recovery progresses, an event is taking place in the country that is changing business dynamics, breaking stereotypes that have been entrenched in the national market for centuries and giving way to new leaderships that use women as protagonists.

Currently, women make up 52.1% of Bogotá’s population and 46.6% of the workforce from the capital. Likewise, 37.2% of managerial positions in the city’s companies are occupied by women. This is according to the Great Survey of Entrepreneurs by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce.

According to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane), 34.8% of the 571,329 micro businesses in cities like Bogotá are currently run by women. Which shows that over time there are more and more rooms where traditional guided tours have been left behind.

For Nicolás Uribe Rueda, Executive President of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, gender equality is now a fundamental goal for businesses, governments and society in general. According to statistics from the Commercial Register of the CCB, 43.2% of companies owned by natural persons have a female owner.

“We firmly believe that the private sector has a triple action agenda: economic, social and environmental value. On the axis of societal transformation, gaps in employment, gender and the environment need to be closed. There the manufacturing sector has a transcendent role,” said this union spokesman.

He also pointed out that while work needs to be done in the capital to close the gender gap, women had a 4.5% increase in real income between 2011 and 2021, while it fell by 11% for men (according to data from Dane). Entrepreneurship has become a means for women to achieve economic independence and to hold managerial positions.

Marie Christine Oghly, Vice President of the World Federation of Chambers of Commerce and President of FCEM (Global Women Entrepreneurs), argued that despite these good results, there is a need for everyone to keep working to close gaps so that there is justice and women move on strengthen.

“Skills and skills are essential to be successful in business. The competitions are held by the women many times over the men. You just have to dare to do things. Among the skills required to be successful in business is the key it’s innovation and the adoption of new digital tools,” this spokesperson added.

These opinions were shared at the forum “Women’s Entrepreneurship, an industry that multiplies its value” held by the CCB in Bogotá, which Patricia García, President of the Argentine Organization of Women Entrepreneurs (OAME), also attended, emphasizing precisely this one Of the activities where there are more gaps is in technology, because it has traditionally been male, or in metallurgy.

Companies led by women are effective at attracting and retaining talentand improvements in creativity and innovation, according to a study by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Having women in upper and middle management is necessary for companies and the economy, not only because an equal and inclusive corporate culture is achieved, but also, according to the same study, at the economic level, the work integration of the female gender is all the stronger. GDP has better behavior.

Since 2019, the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce has been working continuously on its policy of sustainability and shared values, which has the themes of empowerment and gender equality as one of the pillars. The company helps thousands of businesses to be sustainable, but also leads by example to inspire other businesses.

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