Gadgets: Dyson is launching new accessories for its vacuum cleaners with a focus on pets and anti-tangle technology

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dyson announced this Thursday the launch of a new range of accessories for your cordless vacuum cleaner products, These include the new Anti-Tangle Brush and Pet Groom Tool, focuses on petsas well as a new scratch-free dust attachment and head for difficult spots.

The company is aware of this hair buns on their heads Your vacuum cleaner is one of the most uncomfortable experiences your customers have. That’s why they designed a tapered brush with anti-tangle technology. This accessory features 56 hair removal wands that are precisely angled to throw all hair types straight into the vacuum cleaner tank.

These polycarbonate teeth, combined with a set of spiraling nylon bristles, anti-static carbon fiber filaments and powerful suction, grab and remove the toughest tangles as well as larger dirt and microscopic dust. This technology is already available in Dyson’s latest range of vacuum cleaners Thanks to this accessory it will now reach all models of cordless vacuum cleaners.

‚ÄúDuring the development of its anti-tangle technology, Dyson engineers collected 885GB of data just from virtual hair simulations. That’s a total of 1,900 hours of use, which equates to nearly 80 days of relentless testing.” Enhancement works with both human and animal hair,in addition to aspirating all microscopic particles that trigger allergies.

In addition, Dyson welcomes the brushDyson groom for pets, compatible with its cordless models. This accessory “quickly removes loose hair, dander and microscopic scales from the pet’s skin,” according to the brand.

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