Gideon Lichfield, Wired Global Editor, highlights the importance of technology

Metro had an exclusive interview with Gideon Lichfield, Global Editorial Director, Wiredto learn about the meaning of spaces such as WiredSummit to broaden the panorama of those looking for technological solutions or current problems, as well as media consumption for future generations.

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What role does Wired play in the journalistic world and in society?

— I define Wired’s function as talking about how to make the world a better place. Basically how do you work for a better future, because when Wired came out in the ’90s there was a lot of optimism about the power of technology to improve every aspect of our lives, and today everyone has a slightly more mixed opinion about technology’s potential.

It’s good that it can make the world a better place or it can have very destructive effects, but what Wired always aims for is how we make the world a better place and how we talk about people trying to make improvements to solve the big challenges handle the world. .

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What is Wired’s approach in Spanish?

– At the moment only with events like this that we do here in Mexico, which I think is a very good opportunity to bring together people who are interested in all these innovation topics and know how we can hopefully tackle important challenges in the future will be a Start Wired in Spanish.

Wired Summit 2022 begins at the Papalote Children's Museum

Why is it important to talk about technology? Far beyond a simple launch of a phone or screen

— Well, because technology affects everything, technology is in every aspect of our lives, it affects how we move, how we work, how we manage our health, how we raise our children, how we govern our societies, all of it will technically conveyed today. And it goes way beyond the devices we carry in our pockets.

How will you expand across Latin America?

— We are planning that too. Of course, when a website is launched, it will be in Spanish and contain content designed to be of interest to the entire Spanish-speaking world. We started with Mexico because it is a very powerful force for technological and economic innovation in the region.

Wired Summit 2022 begins at the Papalote Children's Museum

How do you see the future? Because we’re talking about the future, but we’re already there

— Someone at Wired once told me that Wired’s function is to recognize the moments of the future in the present and then understand where they are leading. So it’s true, as science fiction author William Gibson said, “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.”

I think that what we’re seeing, what we’re experiencing during the pandemic — with remote work, for example — was obviously something that was already there before, but with the pandemic it’s expanded and now it’s clear that it’s a part all of our future will be like this.

Wired Summit 2022 begins at the Papalote Children's Museum

What would be a good outcome of this event, the Wired Summit 2022, for you?

— Apart from Wired conquering a broader market, I see it as an opportunity for people working on different problems to meet and socialize. Find opportunities to collaborate or build your own projects through conversations or ideas you find in this event.

When we talk about Wired, we think of a physical release. How does Wired renew its release?

Well, the magazine that we publish 10 times a year in the United States is already a relatively small part of our total content, which means we publish several articles every day, several journalistic stories, we also have a few podcasts, we starting a new one in the United States, we have one in England, we have events, we make videos, we are doing a lot of experiments with TikTok with Instagram now.

Like all media we try to be present on all platforms and for me it’s very important to think about how the next generation will consume media, how they will communicate with themselves, what sources they trust, where do you get your information from? These questions are part of Wired’s reporting, but they are also questions Wired needs to understand in order to communicate with its prospective audience.

Wired Summit 2022 begins at the Papalote Children's Museum

Platforms and credibility, do they go together?

In general, user trust is not necessarily in well-known platforms or institutions, but rather in influencers, in young people like themselves who create videos or produce other types of content on TikTok. So understand what creates trust, what creates The connections between people, that the rules of these are already very different from what they were two or three decades ago, for each medium, which is very important to understand.

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