How do I enable Google vibration alerts?

Although an earthquake is a natural event that is currently unpredictable, technology has developed alternatives Alerting citizens when such a situation arises, and Google has an option in Colombia.

After the tellurium movement this Monday morning in Santander, the company reported that the Earthquake Alert System is available for Android phones, a tool that does not incur any costs.

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“Our phones are proving to be essentials, and we believe Android devices can help people prepare and stay connected when they need it most,” the company said.

How do I enable shaking alarms on cell phone?

This platform works thanks to the phones’ accelerometer, which can detect ground movements and that’s where the algorithm is activated to trigger the alert. In addition, data is sent to Android to indicate the exact location of the earthquake.

So this is sort of a collaborative effort that all nearby cell phones do when they recognize the pattern in the area and it will give the exact dates to determine if it is a tremor or not, when 4.5 degrees are exceeded.

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To alert the user, the cellphone sends alerts through notifications and can even make noise and turn on the screen. Here’s how to activate it from your phone:

  1. Go to settings’
  2. Then to ‘Location’
  3. Select the “Location Service” option.
  4. Go to ‘Earthquake Warnings’
  5. Then there will be the option to enable or disable

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