How many times has there been shaking in Mexico in the same day?

The fact that it trembles twice on the same dates and with considerable strength could be coincidence, but three times it already seems like a bad joke of nature and that means that today, just like five years ago, after the commemoration exercise we were surprised again the earthquake of 1985 and now also of 2017, a strong tremor was registered, which shook our country and its inhabitants quite a bit. What seemed impossible happened, but is this date the only one where it has been repeated? earthquake? either How many times has there been shaking in Mexico in the same day?

In the last 100 years, there have been more than 170 earthquakes greater than 6.5 in Mexico. Of all these earthquakes, some have occurred on the same day, with a 5% chance of two tremors being triggered on the same date but in different years, since two or more earthquakes in the same 24-hour period are more likely, cites replicas.

Earthquake recorded today, September 19, 2022 was 7.7 | Photo: Pedro Pardo / AFP

But while 5% seems like a very low probability, Mexico has trembled more than 20 times in the same day. Three of them and the most well-known are September 19, 1985, 2017 and today, in the year 2022. However, there are days when this has happened more often, for example June 7 occurred in 1911, 1918, 1946, 1976, and 1982, for a total of five times This shows that what seems impossible is actually more than likely, although the percentage decreases from 5 to almost 0% at this number of repetitions.

Suffice it to say that nature sometimes behaves in very strange ways that we may never understand or calculate. In cases like today, some turn to science for an answer, some say it might be the “law of attraction,” and others think it might be some kind of shared or supernatural message.

whatever it is September 19 will undoubtedly be a date that will have a huge impact on Mexicans until this coincidence is somewhat forgotten over time, if in the coming years it does not tremble again on the same day in Mexico.

What do you think Mexico shook so many times in the same day?


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