In science, PRD achieves parity in resources

* Programs, projects, studies and specific research, granting of economic development and scholarships must be equal between women and men
• It is imperative to ensure a gender-sensitive approach in public policies to enable genuine inclusive participation.
• Conacyt has a legal mandate to promote the scientific and equal participation of women

22.09.2022/ Mexico City.- The plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies this Thursday adopted an initiative by Gabriela Sodi Miranda, of the Democratic Revolutionary Party Group, which guarantees an equitable distribution of resources destined for programs , projects, studies, research and Grants scholarships in science to eliminate inequality between men and women and promotes greater participation for the benefit of women in this fundamental area for national development.

Presenting her proposal by the Science and Technology Commission in this legislative chamber, MP Sodi Miranda stressed the importance of bridging the gender gap in scientific activities and for this, she said, “must be offered the opportunity for women to consolidate their careers independently of her personal life project”.

The Advocated Opinion adds a Section IV to Article 13 of the Organic Law of the National Science and Technology Council (CONACYT), stating that it must be adapted to the principle of gender parity, preferring at all times the conditions for equal participation of women in of science.

“We must be clear that women with scientific vocations in our country and in the world have traveled a path that has not been easy at all. They are relegated to second place – even if their contribution is equal or superior to that of their male counterparts, not to mention the gender stereotypes they fall victim to simply because they are women,” the President declared from the tribune . the Commission for Attention to Vulnerable Groups.

The PRD federal lawmaker’s initiative is supported by data from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, which says that only one in five countries has achieved gender parity in science, but in Mexico we barely reach 33 percent.

Likewise, according to the World Economic Forum, women receive fewer research grants than their male counterparts, not to mention that they are underrepresented in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, as only 35 percent of enrolled persons are women.

For this reason, the MEP considered it essential to ensure a gender-sensitive approach in public policies to enable genuine inclusive participation.

“It is important to create the conditions for women to break through the glass ceilings that exist in our country’s scientific institutions, for which it is important that the Conacyt has the legal mandate to ensure the scientific and equal participation of women from the beginning to promote. Moment of generating programs, projects, studies and specific investigations, as well as granting economic support and scholarships equal to those of men,” concluded Sodi Miranda.

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