iOS 16: What’s new and on which devices is the update not available? | technology

Although iOS 16 was announced in June this year, the news and changes have only been experienced in the last few days, where the new customization tools stand out.

Before the holidays, the iPhone 14 was finally announced and with it the operating system iOS 16, which has been available in Chile since last week. The question is: does it work on all iPhones?

like for a long time Each update of Apple operating systems brings new features and takes up more space, so it requires more requirements. So older iPhones started to be incompatible with them.

As reported by, iOS 16 will be compatible from iPhone 8so that the iPhones 6 and 7 will eventually become obsolete due to the updates. The iPhone SE works from the second generation and later.

Although iOS 16 was announced in June this year, the news and changes were only experienced in the last few days when users started to authorize the installation.

The most noticeable tools in this release have to do with customizationas for the first time it will be possible to customize the lock screen of iPhones beyond changing the wallpaper.

Now you can also change the thickness of the hour; add your own sentence on the screen; Edit the colors; Add to widgetsDepth in the pictures and even make them fit with the start screen.

Likewise Other updates of this nature allow you to edit or remove text messages and haptic feedback on keyboards. The latter makes it possible to activate a vibration every time the user presses a letter to ensure that he has done it correctly.

More new tools in iOS 16

Apple has also included other useful tools in the new operating system. For example allows you to remove the background of the images Select one of these objects and convert it to a PNG file by simply pressing and holding it.

in the same line, also added text search on photoswhich allows you to find important information in images with text by searching for a reference word to find the sentence.

Likewise, Devices are now able to identify duplicate fileslike contacts, pictures or documents that are repeated twice that will be deleted upon activation of this tool.

Another notable one is the Focus option, which lets you choose which apps you want the user to receive notifications from during work or study, so as not to lose concentration.

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