Iranian women rise up and burn their veils over the death of Mahsa Amini

Iran is witnessing a historic moment in the fight for gender equality. The streets erupt before the women’s uprising, after a week of protests that included the burning hijabs to keep their hair in the wind. The demonstrations are in Denying the death of Mahsa Amini after being arrested by the Iranian moral police for wearing the wrong headscarf. “No to the veil, no to the turban, yes to freedom and equality!‘ were the key slogans.

Public anger erupted when the government confirmed the death of Amini, a 22 year old Kurdish girlafter his Arrested by the vice squadresponsible for enforcement a Strict dress code for womenespecially wearing the veil in public.

The young Iranian who was in a coma after being arrested for wearing an Islamic veil incorrectly and showing part of her hairdeceased three days after hospitalization.

Although the authorities They argued that Amini died of “a heart attack.” and who of course lost consciousness at the police station, activists and the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights They claim she was brutally beaten on the head against a police vehicle and requested an investigation. The family does not believe in the official version either.

goose flesh is the reason for one of the videos where you see a huge crowd Encourage a Muslim woman to cut her hair with chants and applause as the scissors cut in no apparent order the wicks that must be protected under the veil for Muslim culture, and only shown to the husband in the privacy of the home. Video shared by journalist Gonzalo Carranza:

Photo: AFP

The protests are historic: In them, Iranian women are enveloped in the red, orange, and yellow colors of fire that illuminate the darkness at night. Tired of the demands of Muslim law and in denial of the institutional violence that Mahsa Amini would have suffered, They dance around a bonfire where their moves end by throwing the veil into the flames, while being cheered on by their ring partners, husbands and relatives. Video shared by activist Agustín Antonetti.

The protests spread to 15 cities in Iran, state media reported, including the capital. Tehranthe northeast mashadthe northwest Tabrizin addition to rash in the North, isfahan in the middle and Shiraz In the south.

At least 17 protesters killed

Amid the shock and anger, the women did not remain silent. Thousands took to the streets to protest and demand clarification about Amini’s death. The protesters, men and women, They blocked roads, threw stones at security forces and set police vehicles on fire. and garbage men while chanting anti-government slogans.

So they were repressed by the police with tear gas and beatings with sticks, in addition to arrests to disperse crowds of up to 1,000 people, according to the official Irna news agency. The result of the brutality was at least 17 dead -including a 16-year-old minor- according to Iranian television’s count, although the government refuses to give official figures.

“No to the veil, no to the turban, yes to liberty and equality!”shouted protesters in the capital Tehran as police responded with water hydrant trucks.

Photo: AFP

For his part
The country’s authorities blocked Instagram and WhatsApp in an attempt to contain the demonstrations, arguing the restriction of internet access “for security reasons”.

However, Communications Minister Isa Zarepur said bandwidth had “not decreased” in recent days, as reported by users and human rights organizations but warned about it ”
due to security and other considerations“the not detailed,”
Decisions could be made by security authorities” to the
restrict internet access.

Instagram and WhatsApp are the most used applications by Iranians following the blocking of other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter and Tiktok in recent years and fundamental to upholding freedom of expression.

As soon as the news of Mahsa Amin’s death broke, women made a sign of struggle
They used their Instagram accounts to upload videos in which they were seen cutting their hair and their veils burn, as shown in a Spanish medium’s compilation of videos:

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