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When reviewing the appeal v Enilce Lopezknown as ‘the cat’of the decision rejecting his submission, the Appellate Division, the JEP’s final body, revoked Resolution No. 3760 of August 5, 2021, giving a final opportunity for López’s eventual inclusion in the Special Justice for Peace.

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In the Chamber’s view, the JEP will make a final decision on whether to accept her submission based on the contributions made by the woman during a hearing to contribute to the full truth.

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Enilce del Rosario López Romero was a wealthy businesswoman on the Caribbean coast, but she also serves a 37-year sentence for ties with the Impressive and for the murder of vigilante Amaury Fabián Ochoa by paramilitaries in June 2000. He had offered to provide the JEP with information on “well-known politicians or leaders of the region (Caribbean)” who financed their careers thanks to economic aid from the organization”.

In August 2021, after three years of requesting a notice from the JEP, his application for admission was denied by the Chamber that defines legal situations; but the Court of Appeals of the Peace Court has now ordered that chamber to summon López Romero to a public hearing, unique and definitive contribution to the full truth.

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Enilce del Rosario López Romero, better known as “la Gata”.


Mauricio Moreno / Archive DIE ZEIT

“Based on the contributions made by the applicant during the court proceedings, the JEP will evaluate the application for submission to the court and issue a new opinion,” the JEP said in a statement.

After examining the complaint, the section decided that López Romero accredited the personal competence factor third civilian employee of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia because, among other things, “he led a group of people who carried it out money laundering with resources from the illegal activities of this armed group”.

According to the JEP, the procedural pieces suggest that in ‘la Gata’ the Auc found “an ally with autonomous power because of the many fortune shops and games of chance that it owned, as it had great social and economic influence” in several areas, particularly in Bolívar”.

For this reason, the appeals division overturned the first-instance decision and warned that López Romero’s only and final public hearing could reveal patterns of macrocrime related to the Means and Methods of Funding the Auc.

This will be the hearing to define your income

The Auc found in the petitioner an ally with autonomous power due to the numerous fortune shops and games of chance she owned: JEP

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The victims and the attorney general’s office can participate in the due diligence she is asked to do, and López herself will be able to correct, amend, and expand on the shortcomings that the JEP pointed out in the woman’s original pledge Posted.

The magistracy will also ask her about her documented relationship with the Auc and several of her commanders, expanding the statements to mean that she and her family were contacted Politicians who support them in their election campaign.

López Romero also has to report facts that tend to clarify his alleged involvement as leader of a group dedicated to money laundering, which has directly impacted the Auc’s funding. reveal the names and actions of third partiesand account for unlawful conduct committed by her, her relatives, acquaintances, members of the Self-Defense Forces or other armed groups.

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“The public hearing, unique and definitive, will be the last opportunity for López Romero to make a comprehensive contribution to the truth,” stressed the JEP, recalling that “la Gata” is currently in place House Prison in Barranquillaby order of the Sixth Court for the Execution of Penalties and Security Measures of the same city.
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