Meta has to pay $175 million to a company using its technology without permission

The companies met to discuss the possibility of working together. They haven’t reached an agreement. A few years later, Facebook and Instagram launched audio and video streaming solutions.

Tom Katis started working on a technology for streaming audio and video in 2006. 2011 about the company he founded voxer, started the app walkie talkie Little time has passed since that moment Goal, then simply as known Facebook, be contacted to see what possibilities there are for a cooperation agreement. Voxer showed the company its technology and patent portfolio. In the end, the companies did not reach an agreement.

You’d think Voxer was reckless in showing such sensitive material to Facebook, but they weren’t competing companies at the time. And with certain trades, some risks are inevitable.

Facebook makes a Facebook

The story goes on like many others. First with a change in attitude towards Facebook voxers Notorious for the fact that he disabled his ability to use the find friends tool on his social network. Facebook Live came out in 2015.

in 2016 cat is reported meeting with the product manager of Facebook live discuss patent infringement voxers But the companies have once again failed to reach an agreement. However, this did not prevent Instagram Live from being launched in the same year, also using technology created by voxers

For now, a court has ordered Meta to pay Voxer around $175 million in compensation. The company’s lawyers expect to appeal the verdict.

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