More than 3,000 women entrepreneurs are trained in the Women’s Entrepreneurship Schools of the Sercotec Business Centers

As part of the “Chile Supports” Inclusive Recovery Plan, Sercotec Business Centers have proposed teaching the Women’s Entrepreneurship School to 3,396 women from across the country, doubling the number of female entrepreneurs trained in 2021.

This was highlighted by Economy Minister Nicolás Grau; the Minister for Women and Gender Equality, Antonia Orellana, and the General Director of Sercotec, Cecilia Schröder, who led the certification of a group of 20 graduates of the School of Entrepreneurship for Women issued by the Sercotec Independencia Business Center in Santiago.

The Chile Supports plan promoted by the government of President Gabriel Boric has, among other things, the reactivation of SMEs and a special focus on supporting women entrepreneurs. This is reflected in the doubling of the size and annual coverage of Sercotec’s Abeja Capital programme, which has been endowed with funds from SernamEG this year and whose applications are open until August 11th.

Likewise, between June and November, the Sercotec Business Centers plan to run a total of 120 versions of the Women’s Entrepreneurship School, a free training program specifically designed for female entrepreneurs and established business owners who need to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills for self-determination in running their businesses.

Economy Minister Nicolás Grau highlighted the gender approach of this initiative and appreciated the impact they have on the economy and entrepreneurship. “As a government, we are very aware of the importance of women taking a leading role in all areas of society and, by the way, in all areas of the economy. And for this reason, in the Chile Supports reactivation plan, we have put a focus on women in all the programs we run through Sercotec, Corfo and other institutions.”

For her part, the Minister for Women and Gender Equality, Antonia Orellana, congratulated “the mentors of the Sercotec employees. It often happens that when you’re in that position of authority, the numbers, the reports, always tell you that everything is fine. When you go on a field visit and see the affection of those who have come through here and how they have been supported, the hope of the women presenting all their endeavors today for all the support they have received is truly gratifying because it means all these little screws that are being tightened in the state to be able to support are working to start the machine and eventually support those who are here.

For her part, the Managing Director of Sercotec, Cecilia Schröder, highlighted that since their creation in 2015, the Business Centers have had a gender focus, both in the implementation of the network, which today includes 62 centers and 36 satellite centers across the country, as well as in the provision of its services. “The design and implementation of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Schools aims to ensure that women entrepreneurs acquire entrepreneurial skills and ensure the viability and development of the companies they run.” She stated that the business centers trained 6,295 women in this training instance between 2016 and 2021.

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Schools are part of the seven programs that Sercotec runs as part of “Chile Supports”.


What are you?

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Schools taught by Sercotec Business Centers are a free training instance for women entrepreneurs to acquire entrepreneurial skills and ensure the profitability and development of the companies they run.

What support do they provide?

Entrepreneur-specific training for entrepreneurs and established business owners who need entrepreneurial skills to be self-sufficient in running their business. Consider a total of 72 lessons in 4 modules: Productive Development, Business Management, Communication Development and Associativity.

How do I access?
In the business centers across the country, as long as they announce in their agendas the realization of the schools on the website and on social networks.

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