Promoting digital inclusion and good use of technology

Thursday September 22, 2022 | 6:04 a.m

The Ministry of Addiction Prevention and Drug Control and the Legislative Secretariat of the ICT Management Coordination Unit have signed an agreement to ensure digital inclusion through various educational and technological measures and the responsible use of technology.

The team of the Secretariat, as part of the “TechnoHacedores Project”, has already carried out various workshops in the various day care centers of the province and in the prevention points of Posadas, in order to combine new technologies with everything that is prevention, in the responsibility and critical use of this tool , both for children and young people as well as for parents, so that they can carry out the necessary support.

At the signing of the agreement, Undersecretary for Drug Prevention and Territorial Surveillance, Roberto Padilla, mentioned the progress made on the measures and took into account parents’ concerns about overconsumption, especially during the pandemic.

The Minister of Addiction Prevention and Drug Control, Samuel López, pointed out: “We get the problem because of the problematic consumption of objects, screens, and a study has also been carried out that shows that what worries mothers the most is the excess is use of screens. With this in mind, he thanked the coordinated immediate measures and activities.

Secretary Graciela Soledad Basualdo, for her part, highlighted the coordinated work and acknowledging the reality of how technology has affected families, especially since the pandemic, insisting on the importance of working with both children, youth and adults .

Also present were the Secretary of State for Communications and Institutional Relations, Cindy Diesel, for Administrative and Financial Coordination, Paula Devoto, and the Secretary of State for Municipal Affairs, José Schiro; and members of the technical teams.

It was then shared with the children who were practicing soccer on the home’s playground.

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