Science has discovered the “recipe” to stop babies from crying

Every new parent has to face the hard times of the uncontrollable crying babies.

If you’re lucky, after a lot of trial and error, you’ll learn a technique that could be effective on your offspring.

But science has discovered a “recipe” that can be generalized to virtually everyone infantwho manages to control his crying.

What steps to take to control crying of a baby? Then we tell you all about this scientific curiosity.

the uncontrollable crying

Every parent, whether firstborn or “expert,” is often faced with the uncontrollable crying of one infant.

It’s a very tough experience that makes us rethink how best to stop our calf from crying.

Some offer a bottle, others sing songs, but no self-respecting parent stops soothing their crying little child.

Interestingly, one study claims to have the “recipe” to calm a infantand it’s surprisingly easy.

The Mystery of Crying Babies

The research was conducted by experts from the RIKEN Center for Brain Science in Japan.

And after much testing, they came up with a nearly foolproof method of control baby crying

To conduct the study, they analyzed several methods recommended by experienced mothers and evaluated them all.

But basically they found the secret of reassurance in it a baby it has been found in other mammalian species.

And it so happens that other mammals, born in an immature state and unable to fend for themselves, have an innate response to crying called the transport response.

For example, mice, dogs and monkeys will raise theirs you drink and they will begin to walk, which will make their calf sleepy and stop crying.

Researchers theorized that the transport response might also contribute to sedation the babies People.

The “recipe” to stop babies crying

So, beyond the explanation, the formula to quit baby crying want::

  • Hold the crying baby and walk with him for five minutes (preferably pat him when you do this)
  • Sit up and hold the baby for another five to eight minutes
  • Place the baby in their cradle/bed

So that’s theoretical the baby You will have the same experience as the monkeys with a transport reaction and you will feel calm.

Why is the baby calming down?

Japanese experts conducted tests at 21 you drink.

Her observations revealed that the mother walked while carrying to the baby, to the baby Crying calmed down and his heart rate slowed down in just 30 seconds.

A similar effect was observed when placing to the baby in a rocking cradle.

However, if the mother stopped to the baby placed sitting or in an immobile cot, the baby didn’t calm down.

This suggests that charging alone is not enough to calm down a baby that cries and instead movement is required to activate the transport response.

In particular, the researchers found that the effect was most noticeable when they were petted and walked for five minutes, during which time everyone the babies They stopped crying and fell asleep.

However, when mothers tried to put their babies to bed after walking, more than a third woke up within 20 seconds.

Instead, the researchers suggest that mothers should continue to hold their mother you drink before you put them to bed, even if they seem sound asleep.

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