Statement: Medical school expresses concern for medical technology student

Dear university community:

As a medical school, we listen to the pain and concerns of our student’s family, friends, and colleagues Alfonso Alfredo Rivas Villarroelwho is a member of the medical technology profession, who has been missing since September 10 and for whom no information on his whereabouts has been available so far.

Our academic community is shocked by this very serious fact which we hope will be resolved as soon as possible to give peace of mind to all of us who value Alfonso.

We ask and thank everyone with information or leads regarding his disappearance to cooperate with the police authorities or to contact the phone numbers below. It’s important to know every detail of what happened the night of his loss.

Likewise, we send strength and our sincerest support to his family and we pray with great faith that Alfonso will return and continue his life and studies.


Faculty of Medicine at the Austral University of Chile

Any information contact the following numbers:

+56 9 81300999 / +56 9 93508393 / +56 9 78631510

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