Successful 9th ​​Multisectoral Business Round at Howard Johnson Pilar

It was attended by more than 250 participants, including businessmen, representatives of institutions and sponsors.

The Chamber of Medium and Small Businesses of Pilar, together with the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services (CAC), successfully hosted the 9th multisectoral business round “A Pillar of Productive Opportunities”, held last Thursday, September 15 at the Howard Johnson Pilar with the participation of more than 250 participants

The event had the registration of more than 200 participants, who were joined by the press and guests of honor at the opening.

In addition, 110 companies, including SMEs, large corporations and sponsors, took part in the activity, which ran from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

On this occasion, 92 SMEs met among themselves and with 10 large companies, as well as the sponsors who participated in the round, with the main objective of creating new opportunities and potential exchange spaces for both small and medium-sized enterprises and large ones.

Marcelo Elizondo, second deputy secretary of the entity, was present on behalf of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce, who highlighted the organization of the business meeting.

“For the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services, it is not only an honor but also a pleasure to be able to attend, engage and engage in this conference. Apart from the fact that Argentina, as we all know, has problems at the macroeconomic level, from below, in the connection between the companies that invest, develop knowledge, produce, trade, create jobs, activity continues to be very intense,” stressed Elizondo.

At the same time, he emphasized that “there is tremendous value in the CAC to support, promote, support and encourage this type of initiative, because the bond between people completes the business.”

And he felt that “this type of initiative helps create the attributes that businesses today need to create in order to be successful.”

“Business everywhere is becoming increasingly complex, and to be successful you must create value, and we believe there are four key attributes critical to success: having a strategy, thinking before you develop a plan; the second is that we are constantly innovating; The third is that our companies generate reputation, we no longer compete just for a product but for the quality of the company, especially in terms of connections and presence on the market, in the reliability and in the legitimacy of the company. and the fourth and last is the architecture of connections, having systemic relationships, more than legal contracts on paper, relational contracts, that together we can create value, create ecosystems of relationships and that’s why we’re here,” he explained.

For his part, the President of the Pilarense Chamber, Mr. Silvio Ferraro, mentioned that “in 2019, when we finished the last round, we did it with a great desire to continue and they hit us with a ‘pinion'”. see, get to know, exchange with the blessed pandemic that hit us inside and avoided this.”

“We are more than pleased to see this call, it is one of the activities that gives the Chamber the greatest satisfaction. Because to see them here, to see the dynamics that are being created, to see how our SME entrepreneurs work, is a lot of joy,” he said.

Among the major companies that stood out were Sidus, Casasco Laboratories, Sadesa, Bedson, Pan American, Mimo & Co, Ades/Coca Cola, Río de la Plata Mills, Austral University, Austral University Hospital, among others.

This year the event was supported by the following institutions, among others: Chamber of Commerce of Presidente Derqui, Pilar Emprende, Association of Entrepreneurs of Argentina (ASEA), United Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Owners, Professionals and Affiliates of Pilar (CIPPAU) , Industrial, Commercial Chamber of Services and Services of Luján, Chamber of Textile Industry of Luján, the Ibero-American Association of Women Entrepreneurs (AIME), the Ibero-American Association of Women Entrepreneurs (FIDE) and the CECAM Center for Education and Training of Women.

Sponsors present included Medifé, Guarantee SGR, Latam Human Bridges, Tikal Construcciones, IAE Business School, Casasco, HDI Seguros, B&B Brokers, Snoop Consulting, Grupo Orbe, Hospital Austral Health Plan, Faculty of Engineering at Austral University. Other.

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