Technology at the service of traffic and transportation in the city

The Urban Mobility Monitoring and Management Center aims to use technology to optimize the vehicle traffic that circulates through the city of Buenos Aires every day.

The Minister of the Government of Buenos Aires, Jorge Macri, visited the place where he was received by Manuela López Menéndez, Secretary of Transport and Public Works in the Municipal Government, and the architect Federico Croce, Director of the Monitoring Center, who explained the operation of it .

In this regard, Macri said: “The city of Buenos Aires is dynamic and complex, where 6 million people move every day and 10,000 buses and 37,000 taxis operate. It is therefore important that we work on a culture change to use more public transport or alternative modes of transport such as the environmentally friendly bicycle.”

More than 100 people work in the monitoring center every day and the building has 3 floors, an operations area, another strategy and support area. In addition, there is a large video wall at the site, making it possible to see the 2,400 surveillance cameras placed in different parts of the city.

In addition, the Government Minister stated: “All traffic avoidance measures try to save life and in that sense the city is doing very well and leading the way. In addition, it is being scrutinized by other jurisdictions because of the technology used and because of the political decisions that take place every day.”

The place also has a smart tablet for real-time treatment and monitoring of special events. In addition, on the first floor there is a digital table that allows decisions to be made before the various events presented.

López Menéndez concluded: “We have an important task of coordination. We are the ones who have the information and we need to share it with all stakeholders and update the traffic applications so that all users can use them.”

Today, about 80 percent of the city’s traffic light intersections are centralized in the Urban Mobility Monitoring and Management Center.

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