Technology, the great ally to position Spain as an agri-food center in southern Europe

Climate change, pandemic or war are some examples of the challenges we face that require strategic and immediate responses. Administrations, organizations and citizens must act to minimize the consequences of these scenarios and guarantee the sustainability of the planet.

In this sense, taking into account that according to the United Nations Organization (UN), the world population will grow until the limit is reached 8.6 billion in 2030the Challenges multiplyespecially in the food industry. We must be able to feed the entire population, reduce waste and food waste, protect the environment while ensuring the viability of agriculture and livestock.

For this, Technology is the key. this tool helps organizations to maintain and expand their leadership position on the market and at the same time contribute to efficiency across the board. In fact, the UN points this out Ensure productivity, competitiveness and global food supplyin the next 5 years, Digitization in the agricultural and food industry should be enough in between 70% and 80%. That means increasing efficiency: producing more and better with fewer resources.

In order to arrive at these figures it is therefore necessary firm bet from all agents involved and work in the same direction. In this case, Spain is aware that it cannot be left behind. They point to that Technological surveillance report of the food industryindicating that in 2021 has tripled the investments for R&D in the agricultural and food sector up to l695 million euros, 220% more than in the previous year.

These indicators show that Spain is already one of the major global powers in the foodtech entrepreneurship ecosystemwith pioneering projects in this field, such as Research on meat alternative proteins; or the use of Technologies with a high impact on process efficiency the food industry (AI, big data, sensors, BlockchainEtc.).

For this reason, this leadership on a world scale represents a major milestone that should encourage us to do so keep pushingeven more, innovations on the market and continue to be part of the change by leveraging: our mature innovation ecosystem as a reference in Europe; our excellent scientific knowledge; and the opportunities offered by the agri-food sector with great export experience.

Spain is already one of the major global powers in the foodtech entrepreneurship ecosystem

At the Mobile World Capital Foundation, we are working to ensure that these Lines of Investigationand other, develop on a large scale and thus contribute to the improvement of the global food system, Evolution from a producer country to a reference country for agri-food. We also contribute through the Foundation’s technology transfer and business creation program, The Collider build strategic bridges between companies in the agri-food industry and the world of sciencewhat allows us Recognize these disruptive technologies this will enable nutritional balance.

Sustainability is possible and to put it bluntly, the answer lies in technology and innovation. Only in this way can we position Spain as the world hub Reference agriculture in southern Europea.


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