The “ADItech Cycle of Cinema and Science” will enable the spread of scientific culture this October

The Minister for University, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Juan Cruz Cigudosa, presented the 4th edition of the ‘ADItech Cycle of Cinema and Science’, an initiative that resumes after two years of interruption due to the pandemic, with the aim of bringing science and technology closer and known to society thanks to the universal language of cinema Navarra R&D System, SINAI among the citizens.

The cycle organized by ADItechSINAI Coordinator, and the Navarra Film Library, consist of four cassettes, two feature films and two documentariesthe Saturdays October 1, 8, 15 and 22 at 7:00 p.m. at the Palacio del Constable of Pamplona. Each screening will be followed by a colloquium in which SINAI researchers will participate.

Tickets for this cycle, in which the Pamplona City Council and Civivox Condestable have also collaborated, can now be purchased for 2 euros by calling 010.

The selected tapes have the required quality Navarra Film Library and with the scientific criteria established by ADItech, which guarantee the transversality of the content and the presentation of the activity of the SINAI.

An initiative highlighted by the Cigudosa City Council because “in short, it is about using cinema as a tool so that people, regardless of their age or academic background, can approach scientific subjects and understand and understand them in a playful way easy and gets them interested in learning more about them”.

In this sense, Cigudosa has recalled that the Navarre Science, Technology and Innovation Plan, adopted by the Navarra Parliament in June, includes, among other things, improving societal perceptions of the value of science, research and innovation as engines of economic, social development and environmental protection, and promoting civil society participation in the Navarre R&D system . “This film and science cycle is a clear example of the dissemination of science culture, which will help achieve the goal set in the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan,” the city council emphasized.


The cycle begins on October 1st with the screening of the Feature film “The Perfect Man”. It’s a movie of German director Maria Schrader, released in 2021. In it, the protagonist takes part in a strange experiment to get money to fund a personal project. The experiment consists of living for three weeks with a robot that fits their personality and is fully compatible. As the story unfolds, the protagonist must face life with a humanoid programmed to make her happy. This film presents a very intelligent romantic story that reflects on the relationship between humans and technology. It makes it possible to show the capabilities of artificial intelligence and the ethical dilemmas it raises. The film will be followed by a colloquium in which Angela Bernardini, PhD in Applied Mathematics, coordinator and researcher in the field of artificial intelligence and data science NAITEC, SINAI agent.

The film has received several awards, including the Silver Bear for Best Actress Berlin Film Festival 2021was nominated for Best European Film 2021 Goya Awards and has 4 German film awards, including best film and best director.

On Saturday October 8th, the Catalan documentary produced by TV3 will be screened: “Woman, you have nothing!” directed by Eva Martínez Corcuera. This documentary exposes the over-medication and under-diagnosis faced by women throughout medical history. Since the man and his body are the standard yardstick for study and advancement, these ailments or peculiarities of the female body have been ignored and poorly addressed by a system that has not considered women’s specific health problems to be important.

This documentary does a great job of capturing what happens when the gender dimension is left out of the investigation. Scientific excellence can currently only be achieved if this dimension is taken into account, since it is only a matter of achieving results that are beneficial to society as a whole. The inclusion of this gender dimension in the content of the research carried out at SINAI is one of the goals of ADItech.

He will take part in the subsequent colloquium Ana Zugasti, Head of the Clinical Nutrition Unit, at the University Hospital of Navarra (HUM)Specialist in Endocrinology and Nutrition, Associate Professor Health Sciences at UPNA (SINAI Agent)Communications member of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition and researcher of the strategic project Nutri+.

On Saturday, October 15, it’s the turn of the 1973 film classic “When Fate Catches Us” by director Richard Fleischer. It is based on the novel Make Room! (1966) by Harry Harrison won the 1975 Saturn – Golden Scroll Award for Best Science Fiction Film, the 1974 Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival Award and the Richard Fleischer Grand Prize. In it, he plots a brutal future precisely for the year 2022. In this film, the year 2022 is an apocalyptic scenario in which mankind has managed to destroy all natural reserves and the few who remain belong to the upper class. He will take part in the colloquium Estibaliz Larrainzar, UPNA researcher, SINAI agent.

The final film to be screened on Saturday October 22nd will be a documentary that explores what the future would be like in 2040 if we adopted the scientific and technological solutions that we already had at our disposal to to improve planet earth. 2040 is a 2019 Australian documentary film directed by Damon Gameau. This film is an open window to illusion and a powerful statement that the planet has a cure. An absolutely optimistic and positive vision that focuses on immediate action and shows the long-term benefits of decisions that save the planet.

Jaione Bengoechea, Head of the Photoelectric and Photovoltaic Innovation and Development Service of the Department of Solar Energy Technologies and Storage of CENER (National Center for Renewable Energies), SINAI officer, will attend the colloquium.

All films are shown in their original language with Spanish subtitles. The SINAI researchers mentioned above will take part in the colloquia, Maruxa Arana, responsible for this initiative at ADItech, Alberto Cañada, program director of the Filmoteca de Navarra, in the first film and the other three will show Arturo Barnecilla, film promoter. For more information on this initiative, visit

ADItech, Coordinating Agent of the Navarre R&D System

ADItech is a private non-profit foundation established in 2014. As defined in the Foral Law on Science and Technology (15/2018), ADItech acts as the coordination body of the Navarrese R&D&i System, SINAI, dedicated to the coordination of these bodies and to revitalizing the relationship between science, technology and economy in Navarre. ADItech cooperates and coordinates with the 30 SINAI agents and the Navarran companies that are part of its Board of Trustees.

ADItech’s activities focus on four themes: Collaboration, Excellence, Internationalization and ADItech and Society. Among the initiatives led or promoted by ADItech, the following stand out: SIES, Optimization of infrastructures and shared equipment, SciencEkaitza, Recognition and dissemination of scientific culture, Gender dimension contributing to excellence and genuine equality in SINAI, ADItech Focus, Portrait of knowing and understanding the relationship between society and SINAI, Cycle of Cinema and Science, Science through the seventh art, Ecosystems of innovation, open dialogue between companies, clusters, administration and SINAI, Dinamo, meeting place for SINAI researchers, the European community, a meeting point for professionals in Europe, and Horizonte Redes, which promotes SINAI in the main European networks.

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