The AER asks that taxation in Navarre be used to avoid companies fleeing

That Ribera Business Association (AER) This Thursday he asked the state government to do sowhich makes use of its “competence and autonomy” in tax matters “To prevent the exodus of companies from Navarre and to create an attractive environment for the settlement of others”.

This was one of the requests made the President of the AER, Domingo Sánchez, during the annual award ceremony. The awards went to Manuel Angos Ibarra of Taller Moderno; and in brothers Javier and Jesús Pérez Apesteguía of Pneumatic Electricity JP -both companies based in Tudela-, which were awarded in the categories “Business Career” and “Generational Succession”.

Sánchez took advantage of Chivite’s presence to address the aforementioned petition, which called for a cut in the income tax bill “to temporarily ease the burden on businesses and citizens,” as well as cuts in corporate taxes and inheritance.


During his speech the President of the AER blamed the public administrations “to distrust the company and denigrate it with piles of papers, harsh controls and always with the burden of guilt on your head”. “The officials who never created jobs and never risked their wealth have no sympathy and believe the company is committing crimes and generating fraud. But they forget that without businesses there are no jobs and their protection protects workers,” he said.

Sánchez also asked the governments of Spain and Navarra for “agility” in processing aid from Europe’s Next Generation program. “The companies tell us that these funds are not reaching them. SMEs don’t have the time or the right structure to deal with the cumbersome processing of grants,” he stressed.


Chivite used his speech to highlight some initiatives to improve Ribera’s competitiveness, such as: forthcoming implementation of an industrial vocational training center in Tudela; the development of the CIP ETI; and the Government of Navarre’s “commitment” to the UPNA campus.

The President referred to the “success” of the Ciudad Agroalimentaria de Tudela (CAT), “which is 100% occupied”. “In addition, the CAT will host the first green hydrogen plant in Navarra, dubbed the fuel of the future,” he said.

Chivit He also highlighted the EnergyLOOP project, which will create almost 100 jobs in Ribera “Providing sustainable solutions for wind turbine blades is an opportunity for the future as around 50,000 turbines will reach the end of their useful lives in the next decade”; and stressed the opportunity to create jobs Ribera Navarra tourism sustainability plan with a budget of 5 million euros.

“La Ribera is the destination of a large part of the strategic commitments that the provincial government is fulfilling, and among them the second phase of the Canal de Navarra stands out, which will guarantee quality water to people, businesses and plants,” Chivit concluded.

Manuel Angós Ibarra: “It would have been impossible without many people”

Manuel Angos Ibarra He is the second generation at the helm Modern workshopFounded in 1938 by his father. his sons Javier, José Ignacio and Manuel all about machining and industrial maintenance. Despite his age, he is an open-minded man who has managed to adapt to all the changes in the industry, “making possible what others thought impossible,” according to the AER when announcing it was the winner .

This Thursday, Manuel wanted to say thank you for the award bestowed on him and He recalled that it was “many years, with my brother as a partner and a lot of people going through the company.” “And thanks to them we are here, because otherwise it would have been impossible,” he affirmed, without forgetting the memory of his wife Marisa, who has already died.

Nor did he forget his fellow laureates, brothers Javier and Jesús Pérez Apesteguía, whom he recognized for their work at the helm of the company and wished them well. “Because they really deserve this award,” he concluded, to applause from the audience.

Javier and Jesús Pérez Apesteguía: “My parents’ dream is our way of life”

Jesus Perez Apesteguia He was responsible for addressing the public on his own behalf and on behalf of his brother Javier. Firstly, he appreciated the work of the AER “to achieve an important union between the productive sector of the Ribera” because, he added, “we firmly believe in the power of collaboration between companies”. And he thanked his father, Javier, and his now-deceased mother, Angelines, for “making this dream come true.” it’s become our way of life now,” before apologizing to his family for not giving all the time they deserved to be aware of the work.

remembered JP started in the 1970s with his parents as a general electricity company and after a few years and the sale of his parents’ home entered the world of compressed air and automation. “My brother and I joined in the 1990s and the company grew. In 2012, it was decided to separate the business, leaving JP as a material supplier and Perap Industrial, dedicated to low-voltage electrical installation and compressed air,” explained Jesús, thanking him for the award.

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