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Good news for the clumsiest of hands, the new iPhone 14 has one advantage over its other siblings, which is that it’s easier to repair.

Apple introduced its new devices just a few weeks ago. The new terminal family iPhone It’s led by the iPhone 14, followed by the iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and finally the iPhone 14 Pro Max. All of these new iPhone phones come with interesting features on the outside, but what’s important is what’s on the inside.

And the new iPhone 14 has passed the world’s most used repair test offered by IFixit. After this test it was found that The iPhone 14 is the one with the highest repairability rateover the Plus model, Pro model and of course the Pro Max model.

Why is that important? Until now, Apple phones have been characterized by a very complicated repair. Only devices that are several years old can be repaired without it becoming a complicated task. In fact, the latest device with this possibility is the metal-cased iPhone.

It can be seen thanks to the information that has reached us from Gizchina, which reflects the IFixit tests on the new iPhones, more precisely the ones that the iPhone 14 passed The device is designed for easy access. This model is now accessible from the rear.

The new iPhone 14 is easier to repair than the Pro Max model

The strangest thing about this whole affair is that Apple never made this information explicit. In fact, from what can be seen on its website, when it comes to the design, only the exterior is commented on. Fast access to iPhone 14 is a plus and makes it a more interesting option for users.

The reason why it is much more interesting to have quick access when repairing the new iPhone is that in the event of an accident, the repair price will be lower because there is less risk of damaging important components. To date, both base models and repair an iPhone Pro modelwas accessed from the screen.

The need to lift the screen put the panel at risk as it is one of the most expensive components. Usually repairing any part of the phone carries the risk of breaking the screen. This is now the end of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plusalthough the latter is not so easy to fix.

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