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Nothing is “lower” than a coffee that is too cold or too hot in the morning at breakfast. How do you get the drink to its point?

That electric heating smart drink ikago It is the first to work by infrared to measure and measure temperature in real time Keep the drink on point.

exist beverages They don’t taste good if they’re too cold or too hot. Especially the coffee. There are many drink warmers on the market, but they often come with many limitations.

Some don’t let you choose the exact temperature you want to heat to. Others only accept their own bowl. There are those that use too much or that keep heating until you turn them off manually. ikago is a smart electric drink warmer that overcomes all these limitations and adds some benefits. You can see it in action in the news opening video.

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ikago uses a double layer system to heat the drinkso you can use whatever mug or glass you like the most: glass, ceramic, metal, etc.

It uses an infrared sensor to measure the temperature of the cup, so you always know whether the drink is hot or cold. Use the touch panel to enter the temperature to which you want to heat the coffee, between 40 and 80 degrees Celsiusand keeps it constant for two hours with an accuracy of 1 degree.

The coffee, at its temperature point

you can save different temperature profiles for different drinks, and select them when needed with the push of a button.

Ikago turns on and off automatically with a gravity sensor that detects if the cup is there or not, so you can leave it between drinks and the temperature of the coffee will be maintained. It no longer stays cold even if it takes you a while to drink it.

ikago, the electric heating Infrared-powered smartphone seeks funding on KickStarter. He already has 28x more than he needed, so they will start shipping in October. It costs 60 euros and is suitable for use at home, in the office or for teleworking.

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