The Municipal Council of Viña del Mar confirms innovative New Year’s show: new technology and low noise

An innovative show that mixes low-noise pyrotechnics, lights and drones for the 2023 New Year’s show has been awarded by the municipality of Viña del Mar after the proposal presented by Mayor Macarena Ripamonti was approved by the municipal council.

The contracted provider are the companies Piromar FX SPA and Pirotecnia SPA for an amount of $428,569,226, whose proposal envisages the use of 150 drones that will illuminate the sky with different shapes and colors, a light show with a “Searchlight” system and Robotics.

In order to reduce the negative external effects of a pyrotechnic show, the tender awarded considers reducing the caliber to be used in the bombs, which reduces the emission of decibels and the amount of waste that a show of this type leaves behind.

In this regard, Mayor Macarena Ripamonti pointed out that “so that we can all share, a third of the population must not be left behind. I believe that it is necessary to contribute with small things, such as modifying the calibers of the bombs so as not to exceed 150 decibels of noise, which seems the most reasonable to me.”

The community leader also emphasized concern for the environment, which she said “is a cross-cutting axis of our work because we believe the decisions we make today are important for tomorrow.”

Concluding, Ripamonti emphasized that the winning proposal “enables more people to participate and this is part of nursing practice and seeks to put people’s well-being at its core”.


The fires are started from three points on the Viña del Mar coast: Caleta Abarca, Muelle Vergara and Reñaca.

In this way, the Care community aims to boost the local economy and tourism, and to hold an event that respects children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), pets and the environment.

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