“Thermogreen” wins the Pyme Toledo 2022 Award

The expenditure for heating and air conditioning of 30,000 households amounts to 150 million euros in twelve months. Toledo company ‘Thermogreen’, Toledo SME of the Year Award, produces insulation material for a year to ensure 30,000 homes achieve energy efficiency class A, reducing their consumption by 90% to 15 million. An insulating material that is made from 100 percent recycled material, emphasized its manager Jesús Ladera, namely enough Porexpan to fill the 42 soccer fields of the 1st and 2nd division up to a height of three meters. That is, 9,000 tons that have not reached landfills or nature.

The company “Thermogreen”, founded in 2019 in Noblejas in an old abandoned factory, received this Wednesday morning the VI award for SME of the year in the province of Toledo, corresponding to the year 2022, in some by the Chamber of Commerce, Bank Santander, awards presented and La Tribuna de Toledo, which seeks to recognize the work of small and medium-sized enterprises as generators of wealth and employment. Essential aspects were also recognized, such as the contribution of SMEs to society and the economy, the creation of jobs with particular attention to permanent employment, the promotion of talent from training, the development of exports and the opening of new markets, innovation and digitization initiatives or social responsible projects. In Castile-La Mancha, recalled the Minister of Economy and Enterprise, Patricia Franco, during the award ceremony, there are 127,700 small and medium-sized enterprises, a third of them in Toledo, “these are the ones that do its economic power and employment up to the most local business circles”. They not only need recognition, emphasized the adviser, but also the “support of all administrations”.

second prize The Chamber’s Pyme 2022 Awards, La Tribuna de Toledo and Santander also awarded four second prizes to companies committed to training, the environment, technology or internationalization. The internationalization award went to the women’s shoe manufacturer Creaciones Alpe, which exports to 32 countries in Europe, Africa, America and even Oceania.

Thermogreen is the provincial SME of the Year award – Photo: Yolanda LanchaThe second prize for Digitization and Innovation went to López Montero Automatismos, a company dedicated to the integration of turnkey industrial automation and robotics solutions, characterized by offering its customers the solution that best suits the needs of their companies.

The second prize for training and employment this time went to Unitel, a company in the industrial area of ​​Toledo that, a quarter century after its foundation, continues to grow and offers specialized face-to-face and online training.

Finally, the Accésit went to the sustainable company Dimur Fruits, which uses a local and seasonal product in its production of concentrates for juices, as well as reduced carbon footprint, renewable energy, recycled and recyclable packaging. “We believe that companies must have an organized process that can identify the environmental impacts that we cause,” explained Úrsula Parra, Administrator of Dimur Fruits, who advocated for the “forgotten and underestimated primary sector”.

SMEs against the crisis. Both Patricia Franco and the President of the Chamber of Toledo, María de los Ángeles Martínez; the territorial director of Santander in the region, Miguel Ángel Franco; and Employment Delegate Francisco Rueda agreed on the importance of SMEs at this very complicated time when an economic and health crisis is looming but the Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing problems in the supply chain and driving up prices Has. However, everyone agreed on the immense opportunity that European funds offer to keep growing.

Martínez was proud to be able to recognize these companies as “exhibitions of good management and the capacity and initiative of the people behind them, the business people, examples of will, perseverance and effort”. In his opinion, it is necessary to recognize these values ​​and the positive impact on society, to create sustainable jobs, to open up new markets abroad and to anchor positive solutions in organizations, “in short, to contribute to the good of society.”

Miguel Ángel Franco recalled the two serious crises that also managed to get the best out of everyone, “especially in the area of ​​solidarity”. In addition, “they have brought to light the adaptability of all companies, especially those in Castile-La Mancha.” Therefore, there is not just one prize, but also second prizes. Stressing that we are facing a unique moment due to the arrival of European funds, Franco explained to the businessmen the tools and professionals that Banco Santander has to help businessmen.

Rueda, who is also responsible for European funds at Toledo City Council, emphasized that these funds also serve resilience, a word that alludes to the ability of materials to return to their shape after being hit. In this sense, he pointed out that “this resilience is what companies in Spain and especially in Toledo have”.

Finally, Patricia Franco highlighted the importance of SMEs in the region. In his opinion, larger companies have more capacity to finance themselves and deal with crises, but they have less flexibility “than our smaller business structure”. Franco congratulated the jury on the industry representativeness of the winning companies, which align with the regional policy of the “Plan Adelante”.

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