They find the lifeless body of a woman in a motel in Quintero

It was found during Saturday Discovery of the body of a 27-year-old woman in a motel in the municipality of QuinteroRegion of Valparaíso.

The victim identified as Valentina, who was the mother of a child under the age of six, would have been found in a room, in a hot tub, where it would have been submerged for hours.

According to preliminary information, the woman was accompanied for 24 hours by three women and a man, who called the inside of the motel together with her The goblin.

The situation is currently being investigated by the homicide squad of the Valparaíso investigative police, which, in addition to the camera inspection required for the procedure, also prepares the corresponding report.

Cynthia Pérez, the family’s lawyer, explained that the information they were able to gather was based on what the companions said, but explained that the other people who were on the site, “They were friendships that were not close to Valentina, friendships that were more on the fringes of Valentina’s environment. We found out, allegedly this happened, at ten o’clock they arrived here, at twelve o’clock the police were alerted, we know that she did not enter alone, that she entered with three women and one man, one of them is a suspect gone, we don’t know her identity“.

Relatives of the victim arrived at the scene, the young woman’s brother who testified to the media mentioned above.

It’s super weird what’s happening. In the morning I found out what had happened through social networks from Valentina’s friends, and we went to the police and found out the news. My mother is shocked, she is very hurt by the topic, and all I ask is to do justice and also to say that we are here at twelve o’clock in the afternoon and PDI has now arrived, it is seven in the afternoon. Any evidence that could be found also dwindles over time. So everything seems very strange to me, apart from the fact that they got here at ten to ten and eleven and so they’re reporting the news, everything that’s happening is very premeditated,” he said.

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