They killed a woman in El Cerrito: they shot her in front of her family | canyon

Four women have been murdered in the past few days the Cauca Valley . The latest case was registered in the municipality of El Cerrito in the morning of this Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

Paula Cabal, affectionately known as Paca, is the youngest victim. In the municipality of El Cerrito, Gunmen arrived in front of the woman’s house on a motorbike and shot her dead in front of her family.

“It’s very difficult to see what has become of our people at this moment; and to wait and trust that the prosecution will do their job and clarify the situation and reach those responsible for this heinous crime,” said Hugo Fredy Cabal, the victim’s brother.

The woman was an expert in international business and was known as an adviser to the mayor’s office and the governor’s office on contract matters.

“We will make arrangements to offer a reward so that people will help us find the perpetrators of this so serious and for us so unfortunate act in El Cerrito,” said the mayor of the municipality, Luz Dary Roa Prado.

There is also grief and uproar in Palmira because a sports teacher who reported threats against her She was also shot in court and in front of hundreds of students which also remains to be clarified.

“The Mayor’s Office is offering a reward of up to five million pesos for information leading us to the whereabouts of those responsible for this violent act,” said Rodrigo Cepeda, Palmira’s security minister.

From the Secretariat for Women and Gender Equality of Valle del Cauca they have sounded the alarm to prevent these situations.

“We have noted with concern the rise in homicide, femicide and domestic violence rates. We have brought this to the attention of all entities that are part of our department so that we can continue to strengthen these joint actions,” announced Luz Dey Escobar, Secretary for Women, Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity of Valle del Cauca.

In two weeks, At least four women were murdered in Tuluá, Palmira, Riofrío and El Cerrito.

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