They tie a man to the roof of a store

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A Man was tied up naked above a well-known pawn shop, an unusual scene that caused concern among passers-by who gave it report to the emergency call center.

Within minutes they mobilized to Independence Avenue in Alamo, Temapache, various units of the security companies.

Neighbors, fearing that something worse was about to happen, rushed into their homes, and others from their businesses went to watch the authorities work.

Upon inspection they found a naked man with a handkerchief over his mouth and his hands tied.

‚ÄčAgents of the Attorney General’s Office, Civil Police and Municipal Police performed an operation assuming this was the case someone deprived of their liberty.

It was a couple of officers who went to him business roof devoted himself to the exertion and removed the ropes that bound him.

Once on solid ground, the man confessed that he He was dating a woman, but they were spotted in a compromising moment by her husband, who stripped him in revenge and tied him up.

The man thanked the authorities for responding to the citizens’ call, otherwise he would have spent considerable time under that sad situation.


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