This is the technology looking for private micropayments in Bitcoin

Privacy is a premise within the Bitcoin ecosystem and the second layers are not isolated from it. A data protection system is currently being developed that aims to make payments with Bitcoin (BTC) privately via the Lightning network.

Under the name of Private Lightning Network (PLN), programmers Tony Ronning and Paul Miller are working on this privacy layer proposal.

in the Lightning network communication between nodes for payments is made through channels. Each channel submits a payment invoice, which in turn contains an identifier (ID) of the issuing channel. This unintentionally reveals user informationnetworks.

PLN creates a system in which, thanks to the root node and dedicated channels an ID storing details of the sending node is not shared.

To increase privacy, PLN uses network hops (better known as payment routing) to increase anonymity. In other words, a payment is not sent directly from the sending node to the receiving node, but takes several “hops” in the network to hide the information. Although the direct payment system is allowed, PLN recommends not to use it as it would fundamentally violate your privacy system.

According to the developers, the application will be developed in the Flutter Software Development Kit. This has the advantage that after the conclusion of the beta phase will be released in both mobile and desktop versions (Windows and Linux) thanks to the versatility offered by the system. Also, PLN uses as a base the Sensei implementation for Bitcoin nodes, Developed by John Cantrell.

The application is currently under development. However, a wallet called Mutiny that will use this system is already in preparation.

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