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After removing his body forensic medicine and a vernissage in room 6 of the Los Olivos funeral home, Palermo headquarters, this Monday the funeral of Leidy Alejandra Betancourt Quintana.

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This is one of four victims who were murdered in a coup de grace in the trunk of a Toyota truck Armor Plate CJE825, on the North Freeway at 222nd Street.

Eliyer José Perozo Zabala, the Venezuelan who turned up murdered on the northern highway.


supplied by authorities

According to preliminary investigations, Betancourt would be the sentimental partner of Juan Carlos Useche Rubiano the former police officer who was also found murdered and was to become the target of the assassination.

As EL TIEMPO exclusively revealed, Useche had a criminal record for illegal possession of firearms and conspiracy to commit a crime and was removed by police in 2006 for conducting a criminal case against him. The other dead man, Eliyer José Perozo, He holds Venezuelan nationality and also had a history of illegal firearm possession, prisoner escapes and intentional assault.

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Useche and Perozo had something in common. A police report from EL TIEMPO assures that the massacre would be linked to the so-called San José Collection Bureau, a hired assassin structure operating in premises around the so-called San Andresito San José, located in southern Bogotá.

The ex-cop presented himself as a moneylender in this area of ​​the capital, while the Venezuelan worked in the laundry room of this commercial complex. Besides, this newspaper noted that Useche’s wife has a shop with perfumes and creams at the same spot.

North Highway truck video

This is the CCTV video of the woman getting out of the truck and entering the pharmacy.

Butcher’s shop

But everything indicates that Leidy Betancourt was not connected to these companies. In fact, EL TIEMPO revealed that since 2019, she has owned a meat retail store originally called Carnes Monakok, which now has a different name..

It’s a well-known local located on Carrera 109 with Calle 143, in Suba, that the woman signed up with a capital of 2 million pesos in 2019.

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Apparently, on Friday, August 19, the woman was picked up in the armored Toyota and then they stopped by a drugstore on 138th and 57th streets, also in Suba, where Betancourt bought some medicines.

Hours later, everyone showed up warmed up in the trunk, wrapped in garbage bags and fatally shot in the face.

the four balloons

On Monday at 3 p.m., Betancourt’s funeral was held at the Espiritu Santo church on 39th and 17th streets, attended by about 40 people who arrived in vans. BMW, Toyota, Hyundai and DT 125 motorcycles cubic centimeter.

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The brown drawer only had a crown and four balloons, two white and two pink. At the end of each pew sat men in dark jackets waiting for the ceremony attendees to enter,” said one attendee.

And he added that the priest didn’t directly mention Betancourt, 31.

The bike and the Clio

The caravan with the body left the Los Olivos cemetery in scattered groups on the way from Bogotá at Calle 80.

become a researcher They told EL TIEMPO that nobody had gone to forensic medicine yet to claim the body of the Venezuelan and that two new leads are being pursued. One of them is a motorcycle.

Security video in the hands of authorities captures the precise moment a man who appears to be descended from the Toyota exited the scene and approached one Large displacement motorcycle and leaves the city via Chía.

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The other lead the agents follow is a gray Renault Clio following the truck and was caught by surveillance cameras the pharmacy where Betancourt would have bought medicines.

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