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Who among us does not remember the games of our childhood? Back when we played marbles, baby milk or spinning tops and at the same time lived with our neighbors, with our brothers. A lot of time has passed since then and a lot has changed. Every day we see fewer children on the street, every day we see that the use of tablets or mobile phones seems to have replaced the healthy rest that our traditional games gave us.

It’s unfortunate that many kids and teens today have as their ultimate goal or greatest aspiration to become famous on social media, today they spend a good chunk of their time on Tiktok, on YouTube, on Instagram, on Facebook. Today, digital platforms have gained ground on reality, on personal human relationships. And it seems that this is our society’s tendency to dehumanize us, to depersonalize us, to understand relationships through a screen.

That’s why I was very happy to welcome Gerardo Montero in Fresnillo, a young man from Veracruz recognized as an international champion of the spinning top and who promotes values ​​through the practice of traditional games. I decided to invite him and the Fresnillenses left with a good taste in their mouths, especially the girls and boys from public and private schools that he visited to present their workshops and exhibitions.

Gerardo Montero was present as a reference in international programs in exclusive interviews. He has even taken part in the well-known Mshow El Hormiguero from Spain; in Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento, in Sabadazo, among others, shares his experience, his learning and also the triumphs and satisfactions that have brought him by dedicating his life to this noble work. I take this opportunity, dear reader, to thank you for your kind visit to the community of Fresnillo.

And I agree with his vision, traditional games are just that, the perfect way to create connections, friendships and healthy coexistence. They are a way of learning about the diversity and cultural richness of the countries they have been to and they can compare how, in the specific case of the gyroscope, it was present on all continents of the world. According to Gerardo, the same game has been played in Mexico, as well as Turkey, Italy, Germany, the United States and Russia to name a few.

But the fact of having the international gyro champion on this earth is not just about simple shows, it also helps us preserve history and memory. I realize that we cannot turn off technological advances, let alone take them away from children, technology is not necessarily a bad thing, but I also know that as a society we cannot ignore the responsibility of educating new generations and upholding our traditions .

There will likely be those who will say that traditions don’t matter, and yet just a few days ago we saw hundreds of families gather around the celebration of the independence cry. We consider these celebrations, games and gatherings to be fundamental to the basis of society, which is the family.

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