Twitch will ban betting and gambling content as it causes ‘potential harm’ to users | technology

Twitch has decided to put an end to gambling-related content, which is why several casino and gambling sites will be banned from the platform from October.

On Tuesday afternoon, the streaming platform Twitch released a statement referring to a topic that keeps its users in constant debate: betting. This type of content has become increasingly popular.

Lately, Various Twitch channels had started to spread and popularize some live gambling and betting websiteswager their own money and others invite their viewers to participate.

And it so happens that Twitch has a mechanism that makes transferring money pretty easy – once a card is linked to the profile – as it allows for donations and voluntary contributions from users who see the content.

This caused concern in parts of the Twitch community. a debate between users who disagreed with this type of content and those who prefer to be a part of it Or even stream live.

Twitch decided to take action

before Twitch finally announced changes to its policies, arguing that gambling and the promotion of betting “bare” users. “We’ve seen some people circumvent our gambling rules and expose our community to potential harm,” they said.

“We will update our policies on October 18 to prohibit streaming from gambling sites that contain slots, roulette or craps games that are not licensed in the United States or other jurisdictions that offer adequate protection to consumers,” they add added.

They also reported that some of the sites are blocked by the platform, such as,,, and These have casino mechanisms where money or cryptocurrencies can be used.

Additionally, they have clarified which sites are allowed based on whether they are genuinely contributing or certified. “We will continue to allow sites focused on sports betting, fantasy sports and poker‘ they insist.

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