: Up Spain receives the ‘Innovative SME label’ from the Ministry of Science and Innovation ::

It is an award with which the administration recognizes the efforts of small and medium-sized enterprises in R&D&I and with which they contribute to their growth through numerous business advantages.

An award that appreciates the work of Up Spain in its field of business, in which it has managed to establish a work system capable of adapting to a highly changing environment, that of constant evolution and the needs of an increasingly demanding one user is shaped.

The company is committed to a business model with which it develops solutions to give its users an effective answer, under a constant innovation perspective that allows it to identify the needs of each profile and provide the necessary tools.

To this end, the Up Spain team does not stop with the constant development of programs focused on the promotion, motivation and retention of employees, customers and suppliers, directly affecting the results of the companies that rely on their services .

From Up Spain they received the message as “All the more reason to continue in the business space that we have developed over the last few years, where the commitment to transformation, innovation and the disruptive way of understanding our business in order to offer our customers the most effective solutions and the best experiences for users , has finally been evaluated by a body as important as the Ministry of Science and Innovation”as mentioned Ana Isabel Iglesias, CEO the company.

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