Vicente López double crime: what the millionaire debt trials say to the defendant who killed his parents for money

High School: Del Río in his school yearbook by Manuel Belgrano.

Martin Santiago del Rio has another court storm on the other side of General Paz. Your companies are the problem this time. The man sitting in a cell of the Buenos Aires police force today accused of sneakily killing his parents for moneyHe has faced him, shot in the face or from behind, since 2021 a series of 15 lawsuits in more than a dozen Buenos Aires civil jurisdiction courts for eviction for nonpayment, rent foreclosure and professional fee collection, according to records viewed by Infobae.

A 39-year-old businessman from Buenos Aires and his family, owners of a bottling plant in Villa Urquiza, They filed seven separate lawsuits against him over rents from three properties. Del Río had reached out to them in 2019, sources close to the case say, and was interested in a set of sheds at Villa Urquiza that he allegedly planned to use as garages. So they agreed. “He paid a few installments and then it was deleted”, ensures a source of the file. In total, They’re asking for more than $300,000.

The latest lawsuit was filed on August 31 of this year, weeks after the crime in Vicente López. Here the brothers applied for the return of a rented property on Cullen Street.

Document: Part of one of the leases signed by Del Río.
Document: Part of one of the leases signed by Del Río.

“In the specific caseto a defendant from January 2020 who fails to pay the monthly rent, Because of this, a letter was sent to him on 7/27/21 notifying him of the termination of the contract and requesting the return of the property,” the complaint in Civil Court No. 63 reads. The claims, however, sent letters to Del Rio, which the complaint says were returned without notice on August 6, 2021.

Plaintiffs have attached the lease, which began July 1, 2019 and ended June 2024. The fixed amount was $338,460, to be paid in installments of six or five thousand dollars. Ironically, the sheds were never exploited, they were never used as parking lots.

Thus, on Monday, the 12th of this month, Judge Pablo Torterolo signed Del Río’s subpoena to appear. “Because the signatures inserted in the digitized lease will be certified by a notary, the executed tenant, Mr. Martín Santiago Del Rio, will be notified to appear in court to present the final payment within the fifth day of notification receipt, under penalty of the provisions of art. 525, Inc. 2nd and 526 of the Rules of Procedure. Let yourself be notified by notice,” he affirmed in the strictness order.

One of the document letters sent to Del Río.
One of the document letters sent to Del Río.

The end of the contract for the Cullen Street shed. it has a special feature. One of the signatories is Diego Del Río, brother of Martín Santiago: he is the guarantor. Diego had no kind words for Martín Santiago when he testified as a witness in the double criminal case being investigated by prosecutors Alejandro Musso, Martín Gómez and Marcela Semería. “He’s a Chamuyero… My wife hates him for screwing up $100,000 on us.”, he claimed after pointing it out in surveillance camera videos. The attorney who sponsored the lawsuits over the shed and the other two properties followed suit. It is fundamental: any debt enforcement claim must have something to enforce. Therefore, a domain report was created. For example, a plot of land was found on Curapaligüe Street.

Thus, Diego del Río appears executed along with his brother. It’s not the only one. Another claim by the bottlers is for $163,000 also listed as executed María Mercedes Alonso, the mother who allegedly murdered Del Río shot in the face. The story is almost identical to the previous one: land for a garage, Villa Urquiza district, Pacheco street, rent signed in 2019, unanswered documentary letters. “It should be noted that when certifying the signatures of the parties the co-defendant Martín Santiago DEL RIO assured that he acted for himself and on behalf of María Mercedes ALONSOpursuant to the “Broad General Power of Administration and Provision” dated 07/01/2019″, reiterates the lawsuit September 5.

María Mercedes Alonso’s power of attorney presented in the lease was also presented in the lawsuit and clarifies this reference.

Document: María Mercedes Alonso's power of attorney to sign for her children.
Document: María Mercedes Alonso’s power of attorney to sign for her children.

Del Rio signed his leases as a married man, he says so in every first paragraph. Nevertheless, Her lover became an important witness for prosecutors coordinated by Attorney General John Broyad. P., a 49-year-old real estate agent, stated on Thursday, September 8, that she is afraid of Del Río and also has a habit of providing false receipts for paying her mortgages.

Del Río himself gave prosecutors the evidence to back up those suspicions. Pfiled receipts for over two million dollars in court in the federal capital, they assure in the courts of San Isidro. “These are receipts from the kind you buy at a bookstore, they were for payments in pesos and Del Río exchanged them for dollars,” says an investigator. Another who supported this hypothesis was former Vélez soccer player Fabricio Fuentes, who claimed to have been cheated of the alleged patricide.


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