WhatsApp is already testing the creation of Facebook-style avatars | technology

WhatsApp is already testing a new set of stickers that you can customize with your avatar and use in your conversations.

We already announced them last year, WhatsApp is working on an avatar maker for the Chatclearly inherited from Facebook.

WaBetaInfo already pointed out the inclusion of avatars, which were already announced for the beta version Whatsapp to the Android and now we seem to know that the company is still working on it in the update.

Initially, we only talked about avatars as masks for video calls in the purest Metaverse style, and later announced them on our profile photos.

Looks like you can now Create your own sticker pack based on the avatar. previously configured so you can use them in your chat.

A feature inherited from Facebook

All major platforms including Snapchat, Instagram and even Facebook have avatars, each with their own twist of course, which is why WhatsApp seems to be lacking.

Of course, the image (which you can see above) is launched by the Android application, shows that the avatars are similar if not the same as those from Facebook, suggesting that they were exported from there. With that of course we see little originality and it is very likely that they will not have too much success, to see how little they are used in other apps.

Despite all this, note that the feature is still under development and is expected to be available in the future., let’s hope. Since it’s not ready yet, it’s not even available for beta users.

“Unfortunately, the ability to create an avatar is under development, so we don’t know the exact release date: we can only say that it will be released in the future.”explain the release date of this novelty.

We understand why the update is taking some time as this is a completely “new” concept for WhatsApp.

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